Baby Corn Manchurian

Written by Mullai

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  1. meerabiju

    Dear Mullai, Fantastic awesme taste…my guests cud'nt at first recognise that it was babycorn in it. Really enjoying ur recipes..u r really amazing!!! thank u very much




  2. varshitha

    Hi Mullai ,

    The recipe seems to be really appealing and delicious…can i substitute chicken instead of baby corns..what extra spices could be added so that the chicken wont be bland…and i prefer chinese style…

  3. meenuchander

    hey mullai, i tried this receipe..the taste was awesome..but when i fried the baby corns,everything was sticking one to another and when i prepared the gravy,the coatings of the corn came out..where would have gone wrong?but the taste was really good.



    1. Mullai


      If the batter is too thin or watery, this happens and thats also the reason for the skin spliting off. Try stir frying over medium high flame and just toss, do not stir too much. Better luck next time.

  4. AnnaVai

    Hi Mullai,

    This dish looks delicious. Could you please tell me where to get fresh baby corn is US? I have seen canned and bottled. Never seen fresh. Can bottled/ bottled be used for this recipe?

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Mullai

      Annavai, these are in fact made with canned baby corns!! Fresh ones are hard to get unless you get very lucky. Check your local farmers market, they usually have them or else use the canned ones they are equally good too. Discard the liquid and wash them in cold water before use.

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