Avarakkai Eral Poriyal – Broad Beans Stir Fry with Prawns

Written by Mullai

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  1. Manoo

    Hiii anitha, you can use dried shrimps…

    If its dried prawn then u need to cook well. Or you can shallow fry and add it. Thats the better way.

    If its home made dried prawn means you NO need to worry abt cooking well. Coz at home they clean, boil well with salt & dry to make dried prawn. So, you no need to worry abt cooking for long. And also it wont be that hard like those prawns dried raw.

    Its better if you dry toast the dried shrimp, make powder & add it to veges. I used here like tat only. http://www.spiceindiaonline.com/cabbage_shrimp_fry

    1. anithu_m

      Hi Manoo,

      I think they were dried raw(store bought).So,I want the way how to mix with veggies.Manoo,i'll try the way u have mentioned in the cabbage shrimp fry.


      Anitha Muthaiyan.

      1. Manoo

        Hii Anitha,

        Yea those store bought prawns are dried raw. If you get chance, better make ur own dried prawns. It will dry faster & softer than the raw one. Good Luck..

        Take care…


    2. anithu_m

      Hi Manoo,

      I have tried broad beans with roasted and powdered dried shrimp.It tasted good.

      Thanks Manoo,we enjoyed(as your recipe).

      Also,I tried dried shrimp as such by justing roasting with a tsp of oil and adding along with the veggies.But it was not so good as the first one.I think we have to follow Mullai's recipe if need whole shrimp.

      Anitha Muthaiyan.

      1. Manoo

        Dear Anitha,

        Its nice to hear one turned out well… I tried with home made prawns so it taste good.l I slightly fry and add to plain noodles too… Again it depends on individuals taste no.. Anyways take care…


    1. Mullai

      Anitha, I 've not tried so far, bcos don't get this here at my place. I've seen in my MIL use this, but not sure as to how. Try and let me know. 

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