Asparagus Fried Rice

Written by Mullai

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  1. jlakshmi

    My third attempt is going to be today. Bought a big bunch from Costco. ( will save some from usili later). This is our dinner with Spicy Chicken Curry/Fry.

    I am sure will rock.. Unga recipe achay…


  2. jlakshmi


    I had bought a bunch of Asparagus this week, seeing this being put into use by few recipes, started y’day with this dish. Asparagus Stir Fried Rice with scrambled eggs. It was really awesome. I have never tasted this vegetable before. It was good. My kids loved it, made the same way with same veggies added too.. Packed some left overs for my husband’s lunch too. Once again thanks for this recipe and introducing a new vegetable to our family.

    I have some more left from my bunch and I am going to try some other dish using this.

  3. meerabiju

    Dear Mullai,
    Just now I tried this recipe…its very tasty and remind me the taste of some continental restuarants in india(that i never thought i cuould make that dish one day).thanks very much..have a nice day and have fun xploring new items.

  4. priyasudha

    Hi Mullai, i tried asaparagus fried rice for today’s lunch, i used white slightly violet coloured Asparagus instead of green asparagus, it was ppls used to have asparagus for salad with mayonnaise n myself cooked them as poriyals so never tried as main dish, thanks a lot for introducing this recipe to us..

  5. Vinutha


    Asperagus fried rice came out excellent. I added cayenne pepper in addition to the normal pepper to get a slight yellow tinge to the dish. I have this recipe stoved away for my next guest.

  6. jlakshmi


    I am sure to try this.. but first i need to buy Asparagus, I never have that on stock and started even looking at that vegetable after seeing several receipes in this web site about that. Likely to try within this week. Looks very good and creative.


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