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  1. Meera

    In case you wish to prepare sugar adhirasam (white sugar or raw cane sugar /brown sugar) try this way once… no syrup consistency fear!!! simple… take 1 cup of raw rice – procedure same for preparing rice flour. Take half cup of sugar – not powdered, as it is mix with the “little moist” rice flour for 2 – 3 minutes using a spoon or ladle, leave it covered overnight. Next day using your hands mix the dough which would by now resemble like chappathi dough. If need, repeat, only if there is a need and you feel the dough is very stiff, use half or 1 spoon of HOT water and gently knead and then deep fry them as usual!!! Meera

  2. Vel

    Mullai.. I am a big athirasam of now i found a home made athirasam in Kangeyam and maruthamalai prasadam athirasam are in very good taste. Based on your notes, taste would be grt. God Bless You..

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