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Written by Mullai

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  1. Jothi

    The nice thing about Wii Fit it is…it will give comments very casually..like if u missed for some days..wld tell you…..’were u busy”’like that..
    konjam maanam pogum……so athukaagavey olunga pannuvven 🙂

  2. jlakshmi


    Seeing this we bought a Wii fit and console and some games like Wii sports, wii mariocart for kids. ( That was my birthday present.. yet to come on Sep 1st). I really enjoyed it. This is my fifth day and I have already unlocked several games. My favorites ones are hula loop , and mostly all yoga ones. I can’t believe it sweats a lot and has a real good effect. Planning for 10lbs loss in 5 to 6 months, In addition to this am trying morning brisk walks 3 to 4 times a week ( 1 hr) and Bikram yoga twice a week. It is helping.. What to do.. cannot control on these lovely and enjoyable food. Still love to cook and eat new dishes .. so has to do more exercise to burn them out.

    I am ready to join anyone on wii fit to have soem buddies and try together and work out.

    Your comments was my inspiration to put it forward and make my hubby to present that for me…


  3. Mullai

    Meijers supermarket chain has advertised a special sale on Wii related products and accessories, starting this week. Get lucky, only 30 available per store.

  4. Ramya Karthi

    Hey Mullai, I have a question… planning to buy one… do we need any wii equipment set up already for this? how much does the kit cost?

    1. Mullai

      Ramya, we need the basic Wii Console which is sold in Toysrus, Amazon, Ebay, Target, Game Stop and most Electronic stores too. But preorder for most and would cost around $250/-. For supporting Wii fit, you may have buy the Wii Balance board.. which is very much in demand throughout USA and again preorder or buy thru Ebay. This could cost $100/- So the whole device with all accessories could cost around $400, which is expensive but compared to gym membership and gas price would consider this as a valuable addition for fun and workout. Please check the links under this forum to understand the whole concept and go for it only if you like.


      1. Ramya Karthi

        Thank  you for the details, Mullai. Another question…. do we need to buy the display separately apart from the wii console? or do we have to use the console with our home television?

        Ramya Karthi

        1. Mullai

          Just hook it on to your television, don't have to buy any separate unit. Gook luck with ur find as there's a great demand for this procut and most sites show out of stock, available in Ebay expensive though.

  5. Busy Bee

    Hiii Members,

    In Gym – Pls do not work on those weight machines till you lose weight. Use only cycles,treadmills & few other machines… No weight machines till you get to normal size. Once you lost weight you can work on them to strengthen ur muscles & become fit….


    Busy Bee

  6. Busy Bee

    I like hula hoop… dont have one here… back home i took the one they use to put net around the bed & played… hmmmm…… good old days…


    Busy Bee

  7. Sadhanaraveen

    Mullai this is a fun game…but once when u learn u will do this casually with less or no effort..i tried this at my frenz place it was real fun..planning to get one soon…will update u in a day or 2..we will do this together wat u say? 😛

    Sadhana Raveen

  8. Arthi Selva


    Mullai, Very nice forum topic.. I am also trying to reduce some pounds..But i feel difficult to go to gym,take diet etc… Hope this is a very good one.. This seems to be a very good idea for people lik us.. I should read this and decide soon about this

      1. Arthi Selva

        Hi Mullai,

        One of my colleague is having this loop. I will get this in  a week time.

        we can workout Together. Let us have fun and reduce our weight. 


        1. Mullai

          Arthi, you don't need loop if you're using wii fit, just move ur hips in a circular motion is all it takes provided you have the device. Check the nintendo link and see the video.

    1. Busy Bee


      May I say something. Before you start going to gym or watever – you will feel tats its something not possible at all coz you wont get time – you have to do let stuff this & tat.. . But being honest, start joggin – in a weeks time you would kno how you will feel energetic & jogging is not a big issue at all.. 

      Try once… Pls DO try once… Then you will know how much time you get to do your other stuff efficiently. You will get used to it very soon… I am telling from my own experience….  You are not old to say no manoo… NOW GET START JOGGING OR WALKING…… Kathi soluran.. Singapore la ketkumnu ninaikiran…


      Busy Bee

      1. Arthi Selva


        Neenga kathunadhu Singapore varailum ketudichi..Ur idea is really good…I accept ur views whole heartedly. I tried jogging, but i could not continue.. Only i can succeed if i make it as a habbit.Thanks Mano.My nature of job made me to put weight.. i should change.I am going for swimming on weekends. But this wont work as i am doing once in a week. I will definitely implement ur idea and let u know… thanx


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