Whole Baked Chicken

Written by Vijitha

I'm Vijitha. When i entered cooking world, i know only few recipes. Now i'm pretty good in experimenting new recipes.


  1. aishani

    just baked'm for lunch tode,it was very delicious 🙂 we enjoyed alot.thanxs vijitha for this tasty oil-free recipe.. definetely wud try again…

  2. aisha

    this recepie is wonderfull.i tried it last night n me and my husband enjoyed it a lot.i was in search of whole chicken recepie from many days n finally i got this recepie which i think i will never forget n continue it till my whole life inshallah.again thnx a lot for this recepie.n now i will make it in my next party to amuze my guests.yehhhh…….

  3. Manju Prakash

    The recipe looks tempting.

    But I think the last few minutes, the chicken can be broiled instead of baking, as broiling makes the upper part brown and crispy. You would have noticed that the heat comes from below in case of baking and from the top in case of broiling. So what I do generally is I bake the chicken till its cooked and then dab in a few drops of oil on top and then broil it for few minutes to make it crispy. I do the same when I make puffs too, and it comes out really good.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the wonderful recipe and the nice picture!

    1. Vijitha

      Manju, Thanks for ur comment. Regarding broiling.. i have tried to broil in the last few mins. But for broiling we should apply oil. Or else within few mins the outside will turn brown but nothing will happen in the inside. Since we cant adjust the temperature in the broiling we should take more care for that. If you are planning to broil 5 lb chicken for last few minutes, better bake it for 1.45 hours and then turn the nob to broil. That will give you a good result.. I haven't  tried broiling while making puffs. Will surely try it next time. Thanks for sharing this info Manju…  VIJI

    1. Vijitha

      Hi White.. tx for your comments. Hey this dish has very less calories comparing to other chicken dishes. We are not using even a drop of oil in this dish. This doesn't have fat also. Since all the fat in the skin will come out and then u can throw that water. People who are in dieting also can surely eat this dish. People who like rich dish can apply butter/ ghee in the final stage. I dint apply anything. Hope you got my point ma..VIJI

      1. shan

        Hi Viji, Just typed the message any clicked on post comment…then only i saw ur msg to White…We both typed the same things using different statement. Just a coincidence na…

      2. white

        hi,viji  i know  about baked chicken  i  decided to write in ur guest book .  but when i saw  u r new recipe i wrot e   here itselfabout other recipe s like cake with eggs  and manyof ur recipes r are having more calories 

    2. shan

      Hi White, everything is good for health when we eat within a limit. Chicken is high in Protein, low in fat if we remove the skin. Also she didn't add any oil or butter, so it doesn't contains any added calories. During diet we're allowed to eat baked chicken/fish.  No doubt you can eat 🙂

      – shan



    1. Vijitha

      Hi Abi, U can do this in macro wave oven and not in microwave. I haven't tried this in microwave yet. We have one other way of doing this. just pressure cook the meat for 1 whistle or 2. Then heat a non stick pan add oil to it  then just fry it. You can stuff inside the chicken with boiled eggs, potatoes(like we do for puff stuffing). That will make the dish a very rich dish..VIJI

  4. ssujatha

    hi vijitha,
    looking good and want to taste it right now…..my 3yr old son saw this and was asking me amma chiken bone senchi kudunganu……will try it soon.
    “All your recipes are xllent!!!!”
    take care

    1. Vijitha

      Sujatha. Very happy to hear  mazhalai aasai thru u… Kandipa seithu kudunga. It wont be that spicy.. It will taste very good too.. Hope u will surely like it..VIJI

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