venthaya vengaya bhath

Written by jayanthimanickavel

Hai Friends,

this is jayanthi mother of 2children and housewife interested in cooking and reading books and yoga.i like to try new recepies and share them with friends.i am practising yoga for the past 10 years.i am52yrs now but feel young and healthy at mind and body.friends who want to know more abt yoga can ask me anything.this receipies in this website are very useful and i feel proud to be a member of send comments on trying my receipies.



  1. seema

    I agree with Lakshmi Jayanthi, v miss ur pics. ur recipes sound too good and i think u know that anything in visual sticks to our mind soon than just theory part of it…

    waiting for ur pics soon..

  2. jlakshmi


    All your recipes are good, but it will be very good if we can see the picture (s) with step by step instructions associated with pictures, that will motivate readers like me to try them.


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