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  1. HarshDiv

    Hi Saratha, A great recipe!!! I tried it and it turned out very good.. But will the crispiness be only for a short while? When I took the puffs out of the oven and after letting it cool for 5 mins, I tasted it and it was very crispy.. But after an hour, it lost its crispiness and was soft. Am I making any mistakes? Expecting ur valuable suggestions. – Kokila.

  2. Sadhanaraveen

    very nice…could u pls post the pics of the pastry sheets that u used..i have seen pastry sheets here…will a single sheet bulge like this or how does this happen..pls explain..wud luv to try this…

    Sadhana Raveen

    1. c_saratha

      I have posted the brand used…
      Pepper ridge Farm Brand.

      U will get 2 sheets in a packet.
      Thaw one sheet as per the instructions and roll it with a rolling pin to make it thinner.. sprinkle all purpose flour and roll so that it doesnt stick ..
      u can even use maida flour for sprinkling and rolling.
      cut the sheet to even pieces(u might get 5 or 6)

      and bake as per the method mentioned.

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