Vegetable Frittata

Written by Mullai

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  1. Ramya Ashok

    atlast made ths aftr a lng period of plan.its been attractng me all time.but couldnt get time 2 make.jst now fnshd n both me n my hubby had it.tastewise it was gud. but i had problem while transferrng it 4m pan to oven..i used a broad pan,but still bit tough to remove it 4m time, lemme try wth less no of eggs.hope will get the perfect shape next time.

  2. Saleena aman


    I recently got married, came to the US and started cooking for the first time. I’ve been searching for good recipes on the net and found this site to be the best. Your submissions in particular have been very helpful for a novice like me.

    I’m about to try this Veg. Frittata and was wondering if i could susbstitute mozzarella cheese in place of Mixed blend cheese in the recipe. Also, you’ve put a footnote for mixed blend cheese to be (mozzarella cheese, jack cheese, sharp cheddar). Would Mixed blend cheese be all of them or either of them?

    thanks again for sharing your culinary expertise.

    p.s: would you mind pointing me to the kind of store which carry Parmesan cheese?

    1. Mullai

      Hello Saleena,

      Nice to see many new people signing up, very glad that its helping you. Mixed blend doesn't always have to be what I have mentioned, use your imagination, buy different types…. mix and match. Normally Mozzarella tastes good on this particular recipe, but I've used mixed blend to make it colourful. BTW I've used powdered Parmesan in this, which can be bought in regular grocery chains like Kroger, Farmer Jack, Traders Joe or any big supermarket. It won't be in frozen section, check the regular condiments aisle. Hope this helps and thank you again for visiting my site.

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