Vegetable Burghoul

Written by m.viji

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  1. abhimuthu

    Somehow I missed to comment your recipe. This name is new to me.
    And is this burgoul like our sambha kothumai rava?
    Will try in middle eastern store.. your veggies look fresh and your decoration is creative.. Overall this is a inventory recipe for me.

  2. Mullai

    Viji, how do you come up with such wonderful healthy recipes? I’ve tried cracked wheat but not bulgar, sure to try it your way.Thanks for sharing.
    Kavi: Bulgar is available in most Middle eastern stores, check those meat markets where your get mutton, they normally have small packs.

  3. priyasudha

    Viji…romba nalla decorate panni irrukingale..nalla recipe..i get this burghoul here very easily..gothuma kanji madhri vaika than mudiyum'nu nenachitu irrunthen..neegha vera madhriyum seiyalama'nu sollitinga..last fotola irrukurathu recipe mela olive thana?

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