Vegetable Biryani

Written by kaviarun


  1. M Divya
    Kavi biriyani is really good….will try out this week end and tell u…..sure…..Wht is black stone flower ? let me search in shop…..if it is not available shall i omit this and use the rest ing…will the taste change?
     Divya Mubarak
    1. kaviarun

      Hi divi, thanks pa….black stone flower is kalpaasi, just click on the high light or check in the glossary….it gives u extra masala smell…ya u can omit if u don't get it….my mom always do with kalpaasi, so i've no idea about the taste without kalpasi. Thanks again.

  2. sugunamahes

    hi this is from sugunamahes i am from UK, i did vegetable briyani i saw the receipe in this site i made tat ,its really more tasty and super. thank u so much friends

  3. m.viji

    looking yummy.I too prepare briyani in this way.I grind tomato also with table 2. Yeah coconut milk enrich briyani's taste unga briyani photo paththum pasikuthu..

  4. lekhaarun

    i am in NJ.
    Here i am buying canned coconut milk .
    but i don’t like it. When i tried fresh coconut it become dry i am not getting milk.What to do?

  5. Cappuccino

    Ohh yeah !!! I was expecting for this briyani kavi. Thanx for posting dear…Very happy to see you post after a long break. Will try this in a couple of days and get back you with my feedback.

    Have a great day

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