Vegetable Biryani

Written by Mullai

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  1. Las Vegas

    This is a great recipe. I tried this and it was excellent.I did add raisins to give it a sweet touch. All in all its a great dish and your presentaion is excellent…Thanks so much…

  2. yogita Chuahan Mallampalli

    Hello Mullai ji, tried this dish, was ultimately delicious…. 🙂 looking forward to try all your dishes, I am north Indian and married to an Andhra person, 😛 and came to completely different atmosphere. and your recipes made my way easier as my in laws also become shocked some times that how i can make southindian dishes without asking recipe from them 😛 i havent shared the secret yet 🙂 but really thanks for sharing nice recipes… 🙂 it really helps to the ppl like me. Keep posting.

  3. vanniaraj m

    Today I’ve tried this dish. It came very nice and exotic. All my friends appreciated it. This dish is one of the best I’ve ever made.


    Hi Mullai

    Thanks for the excellent and simplified recipe. Great stuff. The biryani came out really well. You must a great cook and person with excellent logic.

    My best wishes to you

  5. johnson


    This comment is not particular to this recipe but for every single wonderful ones in this site.
    Being a bachelor I considered myself a mediocre cook.I should say I inherited most of my cooking instincts from my mom.
    Now whoever has tasted my food would say I am a good cook and 50 % of the credit would go to you.
    Thanks for all the mouth watering recipes you have been sharing.

    Trust me I was so handicapped when the site was down for the last couple of months.
    Keep up the good work Mulai.


  6. madhu2009

    hey mullai..
    This is the first comment i am leaving on any online site….thanks for all your wonderful recepie’s.Before I found your site every dish I tried from online recepies were a flop.I stumbled upon your site recently while looking for a chicken curry recepie for my husband and from then, no looking back.Every single dish i’ve tried from here has been a huge hit!!!! thanks a million .. you are just awesome..
    I am off to try your vegetable biryani today……

  7. hemanthnarayanan123

    Easiest way for bachelors like me to cook a good veggie biriyani thanks 🙂 it did came up really well….one input is, adding cauliflower to the list of veggies used increases the taste considerably 🙂

  8. hemanthnarayanan123

    Easiest way for bachelors like me to cook a good veggie biriyani thanks 🙂 it did came up really well….one input is, adding cauliflower to the list of veggies used increases the taste considerably 🙂

  9. recipe60

    Hi Mullai I made decent biryani so many times before. Last week I tried this recipe and by far this is the best biryani i ever made. My husband said it is much better than any restaurent biryani. My guests also appreciated it very much. The dish looked and tasted exotic. very impressive recipe without using any store bought masalas… thank you very much for sharing your recipes with all of us.

  10. mithra

    Hi Mullai,
    Tried ur veg biriyani y’day…the taste was awesome..can u suggest me a side dish with brinjal that goes well with this biriyani..planning to do this for a party.Thanks a lot.

  11. padmavijay

    hai mullai,

    this recipe was everything….which means,colour luked great,was simple and easy to make,taste was fantasticccc….

    me and my husband enjoyed the food…thank u so much mullai…ur recipes r always gud…sorry,fantastic…..

    thanks again for sharing beautiful recipes with everyone of us…

    keep it up…


  12. jayashreej

    hi mullai if its 3 cup rice how much water should i pour in to the rice cooker..sometimes when biriyani is made in the rice cooker it gets sticky at the bottom .. what should i do to avoid this .. i use kohinoor basmathi rice

  13. priya vel

    Hi Mullai, I have tried veg briyani a couple of times, didn’t come out well and dropped this recipe from my cooking list. Tried your recipe today. The taste was superb and we really enjoyed the food.

  14. jlakshmi


    I have been wanting to write this comment, I had to make this dish for a potluck for my hubby’s office. ( I have been doing for years) guess what ?? this time, there was tons of appreciation from all people. even people who don’t like Indian dishes that much ( thinking it is too spicy) appreciated this soooooo much. My husband came back happy with the empty dish that this one was the best dish in the potluck and got over fast.

    I don’t know , I have been doing this almost similar all the time, but this time, i prepared exactly like your recipe , same measurements and it turned out to be the best.

    Jaya Lakshmi

  15. latharajkumar

    Hi Mullai,
    Today I tried this reciepe….It was really superb…I fried the vegetables seperately, mixed it with the rice and cooked it using microwave.Finally I added fried bread pieces.It came out very well…thanks for the delicious reciepe…

  16. aishani

    hi mullai, am a regular viewer of this blog..u r doin' a wonderful job…

    today i tried ur veg.biriyani….n it has come out well….thanxs alot …

  17. rosemary11c

    Hi Mrs.Mullai Really super , this one is so nice, usually i find difficult in cooking briyani, but this recipe is easier to cook and also delicous. thanks

  18. preethika

    Hi Mullai,
    I tried out the biryani yesterday and it came out really well.I also tried your thenkuzhal and gobi manchurian(dry) everything turned out good…Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful recipes.

  19. padmavathikottapalli

    Hi Mullai,

    WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.Thank you very much for posting such good recipes. I am trying to cook this recipe since long time, but as i don’t know exactly i could’nt..

    i came to know about this site through my sister-in-law(Sudha). i have cooked vegetable pulav, it came out very good.. once again thanku very much for posting such a good recipes…

  20. eshakrish

    i have made this biriyani 4 times.everytime i make this, it has the same standard taste n comesout perfectly…your recipe description is awesome.thanks mullai.

    1. Mullai

      Indian stores have them in packs or trying making some at home. Buy a bunch of fresh mint leaves, wash and dry them thoroughly with a paper towel. Separate the leaves from stalk and spread them over a paper towel. Leave on your kitchen counter top for 4 days and there you go…. end up with perfect dry mint leaves. Store them in air-tight container for 6 months or even longer.

  21. jayanthi

    Hi Mullai…I thought normally biriyani is made by adding coconut in the masala that is grinded…and fried rice will not have coconut…

    I thought either non veg or veg biriyani …both will anyway have coconut in the masala…But why is that u have not used coconut in ur recipe…? Is it wrong to add coconut…?

  22. citra

    hi mullai,

    hope u r doing good. I cooked this kind of rice many times. Taste good. The problem is i’m using pressure cooker to cook. If i cook the rice without any gravy it came out very well. Each grain separate and soft. But if i cook with the gravy (for ex, biryani i cook with the masala), the rice in the bottom of the vessel is overcooked and the rice at the top is undercooked. Adding 1.75 cups water for a cup of basmati. (gravy may provide some .15 or less water with that).

    I don’t know what i’m doing wrong. do u have any idea?

    One more questions, in some north indian recipies i see fresh cream. What is fresh cream. can we get in USA stores?

    Happy holidays!!!
    Thanks in advance,

  23. bhuvanagdevi


    Could please tell how to makebasmati rice separated
    as after cooked the rice gets sticky when cooked in rice cooker
    u have any remedies that u can suggest

    1. Mullai


      First of all, use a good quality basmati rice. Try Swad, Tilda or Royal Basmati from Sams club, they seem to work better for any pulav or biryani recipe. For every cup of rice its 2 cups of water. But if you think its too sticky, they use only 1 3/4 cups of water and try. Quick suggestions

      1. Use a drop of oil or ghee while cooking rice in the cooker.

      2. Do not soak basmati rice more than 10 minutes (for the above mentioned brand 5 minutes should be fine)

      3. Once you wash the rice, drain completely and fry with a tsp of ghee in the pan and then cook.

      4. Use few drops of vinegar or lime juice while cooking to keep it white and flavourful.

      5. Do not stir the rice while its still hot, carefully transfer to a foil tray or plate to cool.

      These are some recommendation which worked for me, just try them with your basmati rice and see which one works for you.

  24. Sachitha

    Thanks for the recipe….the proceedure is so well explained that starters like me can go ahead cooking all such big dishes with confidence…. thanks again

  25. lavanyaklm

    when i went to restaurant i taste the biryani.
    iam also try that .
    but only the problem is how to prepare the mirchi gravy combination
    pls tell that gravy process

  26. kaberi

    hey mullai thanks for this recipe.the other day i prepared veg.biriyani with little diffirence,i prepare rice before with whole gorom masala and butter and salt and mix with vegetables and keep for sometime covered inside was awesome.everybody had so nicely and appreciating too.

  27. vigu

    hi mullai u r really great. just now i did this briyani and it was really superb . thanks a lot. can u pls post appam

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