VEGETABLE CLEAR SOUP RECIPE – Veg Clear Soup – Healthy Soup Recipes

Written by Mullai

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  1. Ramya

    I would like to make a batch of this soup ahead ( 2-3 days) in crockpot.
    1) Would I be able to freeze a big batch ( 7-8 quart size crock)
    2) What are steps before serving including thawing, tempering or adding extra stuff for freshness, I guess I could let it be warm on crockpot during the dinner party.
    Thanks for the recipe! BTW I have read your freezing post so many times its very handy.. I have some issues freezing and thawing certain foods. Will have to learn about food types ! – Thanks Ramya

    1. Mullai

      Hi Ramya,
      Thanks for trying my recipes and sending in a feedback. Yes they do freeze well.
      1. Make a batch either stove top or crock pot anything is fine. Pressure cooker works well too with 2 whistles.
      2. Coriander leaves don’t freeze well, they turn dark when you thaw them. So I recommend that you add just before serving or while warming up for fresh taste.
      3. They freeze well in freezer friendly zip lock bags or boxes or any freezer safe box.
      4. You either thaw them overnight by putting in the refrigerator or 15 minutes room temperature to just loosen a bit and then transfer to the crock to warm up. (it will be still icy)
      5. Butter will definitely add tons of flavor, do add a teaspoon when its warming up.
      6. If you wish to thicken the soup, then grind about a tablespoon of the cooked veggies along with little soup and add it to the simmering soup. This way it gives thick creamy consistency.
      Hope this helps and have a great party. If its not a problem, share in click of the recipes you try through our FB page!Thanks.

  2. Nava Krishnan

    Sorry, have not been commenting on your blog and truly feeling bad. Let me start now. This soup – just the soup for the rainy weather. We usually made for chicken rice and thanks for your version. Instead of making rasam almost twice a week, this one I will try when hub is back after travelling.

    1. Mullai

      Nava, no worries, do not feel bad, i can truly understand. Between work& home, it is really hard to keep track & comment in every single blog on a daily basis. BTW, this soup is more like a homestyle healthy one with no additives, really comforting on a cold day, I would like to try the chicken rice soup too sometime. I tasted that once in a thai restaurant and really liked it! Thanks again for being so sweet!

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