Vazhaipoo poriyal

Written by kaviarun


  1. S.Priya

    Yethana naal azhuthute saapitu irruken intha dishaa..thittu vangite saapiduven..ippo ithu madhri freshaa yarachum samachi thara mattangala’nu irruku..Kavi yennaku send pannunga..

  2. Busy Bee

    oh no. mom used to torture us with this. However, Its so good for health. mom add it every other day. Great escape as we are here….


    Busy Bee

  3. abhimuthu

    Oh. Nice to hear that Shan. Thnx.Ok will try in both Patel and Subzi mandi. I also love this very much. Thanks kavi for posting. Chinese store aa..ok.

  4. abhimuthu

    Vazhaipoo poriyal paarthaale saapidanum pola irukku since it is you dont get here often.Will hunt in Indian store this time..Thnx for sharing

    1. shan

      Abi, you can get this in Subzi mandi and Patel Brothers…But some flowers will give the bitter taste, i tried couple of times b'coz i like vazhapoo very much, i stopped buying it b'coz of the bitter taste. 

      Have a great day

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