Uppu Seedai

Written by S.Priya

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  1. Nanthu

    Tried this and im glad that it turned out perfect. This is my first experience making seedai and i was little scared if it would splutter/crack/oil spilling,bla bla… It was so crisy & tasty..Thanks for this recipe…

  2. arati gopal

    Your recipe was awesome .I tried this yesterday at home.It didnt splutter at all.It was first time making this seedai(first time celebrating krishna jayanthi myself).Some users have mentioned scary incidents above so I just wanted to convey my experience here. if you follow the instructions exactly above. It turns out great.Absolutely no spluttering.Thanks a Lot Priya.My only complaint is that my texture of the was not smooth as in stores.Not sure why is that.Any insight would be great.Also wanted to add for newbies like.Batch cooking works great.Cook the seedai in low flame(completely low), then increase to medium for 45 secs and medium high for 45 secs. Thanks a Lot Priya!!!!

  3. Vijaya Ravichandran

    Hi priya… Sorry yar… Like gayu1981.. I too got same problem like her my second batch started spluttered… Very badly and as a precation I had a Big plate to close the Kadai But it spluttered very badly and i hav kept the closed kadai in our balcony.. Got some hot oil spilled on me to but its.. Ok veerathalumbugal nu nenachukrean but am so sad that i couldnt make seedai's for my Darling Krishna.

  4. gayu1981

    Hi Priya and other friends

    I made this seedai the day before “gokulashtami’ on an evening, prepared it, and followed this recipe word by word. Already i have heard stories from my mother and SIL about seedai spluttering, so took extreme cautions, with roasting the floors, rolling tiny balls, and frying and everything.

    I just started frying the 1st batch for the 2nd time(according torecipe), atleast 4-5 seedai spluttered like mad and quiet an amount of hot oil spilled on my eyes and cheeks(on the right side) thank god we have such a quick reflux by God with the eys, so i had closed my eyes, so luckily it didn’t get into my eyes. but on my eye lids and on my right cheek, one top layer of my skin immediately came out and burnt the skin underneath.

    thank god my husband was at home , during that time, (making my 10month old baby to have a nap) in the other room, he came rushing, poured cold water on my face, and immediately kept Ice cubes all over, immeidately all of us rushed to the ER they gave the first aid and we were waiting for along time to meet the actual Doctor, it was getting too late, so we juse (eloped(!) from the ER and contacted a Desi doctor we know personaly, he gave me an oinment and i am even now typing this with the oinment on my face, they said it will take 6 more days to get normal.

    huhhhhhhhh, i just trashed the 4 cups of seedai balls, and everything after coming home..

    Priya – if you don’t mind, we can edit the term 100% gurantee for not spluttering). why i am saying because, i am quite comfortable with making thenkuzhal, ribbon, thattai,murukku and stuff. I made seedai myself last year when i was in India (nothing happened). but see this time, I think seedai as such is a really tricky stuff. so what if an ametured cook, wants to make it out of temptation without actually knowing the seriousness.

    for other friends still if you want to do it, pls follow these precautions(i got this from the doctor who treated this)

    1.in US we have 4 stove tops, always fry these stuff by using the rear stove tops,and NOT the front ones.

    2. wear a fully covered cotton dress(like apron may be)

    3.don’t have small kids in the room itself, (my home-it splutterd for the next 50metres) atleast.

    4.we get a ‘salladai like stuff in walmart and similar stores(to prevent oil spluttering) use it.

    Its so sad i have a 10month old baby boy(its my first) i thought of dressing him up like krishnar today with all colorfuls tuff, and have a good time in the evening, but due to all this mess, i had made “appams” the day before on wednesday,today with my husband’s help did payasam,and finished the entire story of gokulashtami.

    so just writing this with concern, for others. I myself have made seedai before when i was in india, i was newly married and totally zero in cooking, even then (i think i was just lucky enough) nothing happened.
    but over these past 3-4 yrs , i have quiet mastered cooking and have been very careful, in spite of everything i could not escape this.

    1. S.Priya


      I have posted this recipe after making these seedais at home..for me they didnt splutter at all since i have left them in tissue papers for a while until the water we have added get absorbed by the tissue papers…if u would have followed everything correctly they wont splutter at all…If it would have happened to others recently sure will edit definitely wat i typed…pls friends let me know if u would have tried at home..need to know how they turned out…coz it never happened to me still as i follow correctly each n every steps….

      thanks friends…

      1. gayu1981

        hey ofcourse, i put them in a paper towel to absorb water….seedais have a natural tendency to splutter, this is what i learnt from this accident.as i said already, i have already made seedai myself…so easy ,never spluttered..my mom has been making it for 10yrs…on 11th year, it spluttered….

        i think its all bad timing, nothing else… 

  5. gayu1981

    Hi priya

    Can we use the dessicated coconut, instead of roasting and grinding the scrapped coconut?

    I am making this for gokulashtami. please let me know.

    thanks in advance

    1. S.Priya

      Hi Gayu..

      Can use very well, but dont forget to dry roast in simmer before adding them to the flours..hope this helps..


  6. vijayalakshmi mahalingam

    priya cheedai looking yummy, u've prepared it by dry rice flour b'coz i always do cheedai with wet rice flour(ricea,uravchi,kaya vechi,pdr pannarathu) i came to know that can prepare it with dry rice flour also & one more doubt rice floura fry panna vendama? na varuthutu pannuven varukama kooda panalama? thanks for sharing this steps.

    1. priyasudha

      Hi Viji…yep i have prepared with rice flour which i bought in Indian stores, i didnt fried n used directly with roasted urad dal…u can prepare very well with rice flour without any problem, they will very crispy ..


  7. kaviarun

    priya, i can see lots of recipes from ur side….non stop kondatam….want to try this seedai…because u guaranteed it won’t splutter…nice ma…thank u..

  8. shanu

    Hi Priya,

    I would definitely like to try this..please tell me how many tiny balls will this recipe yield? Also, can i try it without coconut?


    1. priyasudha

      Hi Shanu..i didnt count the balls, its depends upon how u roll ur balls, but can say that a medium sized box will be full..yea sure u can try without coconut..with coconut its tastes more n delicious..tc

  9. sathya sankar

    priya, unga seedai partha udane sappida thuunduthu ! ithuvarikkum seedai senchu nalla varave illa, unga recipe partha udane thirumbavum try pannanum pola irukku , kandippa try pannuren . thanks for the recipe.



  10. danalakshmi

    priya sudha
    this is my favorite item
    i have question generally seedai vedikkum
    so am very afraid
    what abt ur’s(Sorry for asking)

    1. priyasudha

      Hi Danalakshmi…

      No yennoda seedais vedikathu..100% guaranty..try pannitu sollunga..i have already mentioned in description yaar..tc

  11. abhimuthu

    Nandri Nandri! Thank you for fulfilling my request recipe in very short span(couple of days).This is one of my all time favorite and I remember Coimbatore krishna sweets seedais, seeing your picture, perfect shape and size. I am their regular customer for seedai and mysore pak. No words to thank you.
    It is also nice to know that it wont splutter, since many people scared me about this myth which is one of the reason I did not try this till date.
    I like your batch frying method, this is new to me and I believe it will definitely be crispy as you stated. As usual your steps are in detail and it is easy for everyone to follow this to get the right taste.
    I will try this Friday, cant wait to try. I have all ingredients at home.

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