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    Alternatively, you can do upma like the following and it saves you from stirring a lot and coming out with lumps!!!…

    In a Khadai saute mustard seeds, urad dhal, channa dhal, curry leaves, small pieces of ginger, cut green chillies and cut onion. Add required quantity of rava in this and fry well. Add required quantity salt to it. In the mean time, boil water separately in a vessel. Once the water boils and the rava is fried, add the boiling water to the fried mixture, until the rava and the other ingredients are just submerged in the water. Cover the vessel with lid, reduce flame and leave for a few minute. Check that the water has been absorbed by the rava and stir the contents by adding a little Ghee.

    Your delicious UPMA is ready…!!!

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