Tofu Parathas

Written by S.Priya

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  1. sstshrya29

    I tried the tofu parathas yesterday night….it came out beautifully. I found that 1/4 cup yoghurt was less enough to make the dough for some reason. Since u had mentioned not to add water, I added more yoghurt until I got the right consistency. Thanks Mullai:)

  2. m.viji

    priya good recipe. want to try. i planned to do with bajra flour instead of maida. When adding maida can flat the dough easily na…appdiya? side dish enna athu?

    1. S.Priya

      Hi Viji..give a try with bajra flour n lemme know…yea maida helps more for flattening the dough easily..side dish is chicken kuzhambu Viji…

  3. nishaazoobi

    nice one. any specific reason for adding maida ? cant be done with aata alone??if its done with aata alone it ll be a healthy one.

    1. S.Priya

      Nisha good q'n..i have added maida just to make the dough stiff, as the tofu n atta flour turns the dough a bit watery, i added the maida to make a bit stiff n to roll them easily..hope this helps..


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