Tofu Bonda

Written by S.Priya

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  1. nk2205

    Priya i have a doubt, tofu is healthy – yeah true.. but deep fry panna, adhula irukra nutrients endha alavukku thakka vechuttu irukkum?? have you ever given a thought on this or any other deep fried items.. i dont know..that is why i am asking.. 🙂 but you put in great efforts pa.. keep posting.. 

    1. S.Priya

      Hi Nk…thanks for ur comments…personnally here in this recipe they r coated with gram flour n rice flour batter they r nt directly deep fried.. so i think they wont lose that much of their nutritions values..hope i cleared ur doubt..

      1. nishaazoobi

        this is a new thought priya like ur recipes! as far as i know…deep frying makes the vegies loose their nutrients. but u ve stated that tofu doesnt loose its nutrients fully as its covered with rice/gram flour. so this covering up with flours while deep frying works only with tofu or for all other veggies as well? and is there any flour in particular that stops veggies from loosing its nutrients priya?
        anybody else have any idea regarding this?pls help me cos i totally aviod deepfrying anything…as im scared that the veggies ll loose its nurients. but after priya's explanation i feel tempted to fry my fav veggies coated in some flour like our bajjis.

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