Written by narmada


  1. narmada


    Thank you all for your comments..this is my first recipe in spiceindiaonline..your comments encourages me to share more recipes, and sure i will share more recipes of my own with u all

  2. Areena

    That’s my favorite!!!
    You live in the US? could you please, let me know where did you get heavy cream??? it’s been months I’m trying to find it..

    1. narmada

      Hi Areena,

      i live in new jersey…r u in US too? I got the heavy cream in the dairy section of the local grocery store..Actually i asked my husband to get it and he was unable to locate it..finally he asked an attendant..maybe they wud not keep them in a lot and u wudnt find it at the first sight..

      It's better if u get heavy whipping cream as it gets thicker fast 

  3. Mullai

    I’ve tried this at Olive garden and ever since wanted to try it myself but never had a chance so far. As soon as I saw your recipe, included those above items in my shopping list. Thanks for sharing this recipe, it looks awesome.

  4. samaiyalpria

    Looks really delicious. As you said, I love tiramisu and I went crazy on my first bite at Olive Garden. yours look really delicious. I would love to give it a shot. Will let you know the same.

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