Thenga Manga Pattani Sundal Recipe

Written by Mullai

Modest, friendly and hardworking.  "Virgoans Rule"..


  1. Deepa Manimudichozhan

    Mullai, Kan kalangidichi, with joy at the nostalgia that the chant thenga mangai pattani sundal brings to our minds. Those young boys carrying those thookus – Ungalakku oru periya “O” poduvanga. The sheer thought to post this recipe… a warm hug for the person you are.

    Deepa Manimudichozhan

    1. preeti vijaykumar

      hey deepa,

      by any chance , were you working for bharat travels chennai? just to confirm you are the same person I knew so well !!!

  2. lakshmisudhaperumalsamy

    hi mullai

    when i saw the name thengamanga pattani sundal my mind went to marina beach for 1 min
    u r not only giving nice recipes ..u r refeshing our native’s memories by these things…
    great job……

  3. Sharmilla Saravana

    I love the way you present the dish. Your photos are so nice. I am so addicted to this site now that I feel like I am missing out if I dont check it a few times in a day. Thanks a lot Mullai!

  4. Manoo

    I remember seeing this at marina beach… also at besanagar… athe mathiri post pani erunkeenga… beach effect kodukuthu.. hats off mam

  5. ssujatha

    en madam ipadi ellam pannrenglae? ungalukae nyama iruka!!!i am going to catch a flight to michigan…intha sundalkaga nan enga vena vara thayar……recipe mattum illa unga thuku chatti…engayooooo poitenga….

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