Thatta Payaru Sundal Recipe – Sigappu Karamani Sundal

Thatta Payaru Sundal Recipe

Written by Mullai

Modest, friendly and hardworking.  "Virgoans Rule"..


  1. Senguttuvan

    I use green Chillies two or 3. Temper the boiled legumes and toss with Asafetida & other tempering ingredients Mustard etc,
    After Pooja add sautéed onions and finely chopped mango & grated coconut for garnishing.

    1. Mullai

      Thank you Sir, adding raw onions is my fav too… but for post click, i didnt, but always eat with chopped onion, tomato with a hint of lemon…missing that raw mango here though! Romba nandri for stopping by and commenting, really appreciate!

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