tapioca Dosa

Written by m.viji

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  1. priyasudha

    Had Tapioca dosais just now…everyone liked it..had with tomato chutney..prepared sterday the batter, had it today..really liked it much..thanks for making us to taste a superb dosais..

  2. Manoo

    Topica is a high carbohydrate containing food.. its good for everyone…. we make puttu with topica flour… amma made thosai once with the topica flour… its not heavy or fattening…. good one…

  3. SumithaDinesh

    Nice Viji..

    I can try this for my son(1 1/2 yrs).Kids needs high carb., food .Your reci., is one among them..Thanx for posting it.

  4. abhimuthu

    Different Dosai. I did not know sago is made of maravalli.. Thanks for sharing. How will it taste? will it taste like our normal dosai?

    1. vijayalakshmi mahalingam

      thanks abi,taste will be like our normal dosa only.can taste tapioca touch in dosa & the smell will be so nice when making dosa.

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