Sura Puttu(Shark Hash)

Written by ssujatha


  1. aniethamaniezhilan

    hi sujatha ,

    this is anietha, i want to know wether i can do this with salmon fish ?, will it work with salmon?

    tell me i am waiting for ur reply.


    1. ssujatha

      hi anietha,

          sorry for the delayed reply….I have not tried it with salmon.But one thing i like to share is,the taste and aroma of this dish only depends on the fish.

         you can always try if you want to….let me try too and tell you  how it turned out.


      1. aniethamaniezhilan


        ssujatha thanks for ur reply, i tried with salmon its gud too,but not as gud as the shark ,but it matches the tasteand not the flavour.

        any way u can also give a try,bcoz my hubby likes it most ,thank u for the recipieits really

        nice.i enjoyed while cooking.

        bye take care 

  2. ssujatha

    hi visitor,
    I bought this from “Grand Mart”.Its actually a korean store.I don’t know in which part of US u r??sometimes u also get it in “Shoppers” in frozen section.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Sujatha,

      Is it named as wild shark? bcos I happened to see one of those in a local supermarket. It would very helpful, if you could share a picture of the pack which you bought. Thanks for sharing such tempting dishes.

      1. ssujatha

        Hi Mullai,

              thank u….BTW about the shark,the one which i bought was a fresh one,like those we get in india.

            u have asked abt wild shark,i have not seen it.but don't buy if it is reddish in color.b'coz that will not be good for this dish.

           In tamil they used to say "palsura".it wuld be whitish in color.

          Next time when i get it i will surely put the pics…..



        1. Manoo

          Mom makes sura varai (sura puttu) wit palsura & the other one. But I dun kno whther the other one is the wild shark. Palsura smells bad so I dont eat it and thereby mom uses other sharks… The redish one is hard is it? Or not at all good to eat….

          1. ssujatha

            Hi manoo,

                  how r u?how r things going on…

                  Manoo its not that the redish ones r not good,actually when i once bought it and cooked it was very rubbery and even the taste was not that good. Here in US as far as seafoods r concerned ,its not like our homecountry…..the taste always varies.


          2. Manoo

            Dear Sujatha,

            Iam good. A bit busy as exams started ystday. But, nothing stops me visitin  this website… Coz its a kinnda relaxation… You & Latha are posting nice recipes wit pitures…Most mouth watering… will try them after exams for sure…

            After I sent the msg only I realised that forzen seafood taste weird most of the time… Coz,once I brought prawns & cuttle fish frm Gaint & they smelled horrible. Once I happened to get fresh ones frm market – they didnt smell bad. In fact they were good as our seafood.



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