Super Sambar Sadham

Written by sworna


    1. sworna

      Sure seema, just 3 to 4 table spoon full, depending on the amount of rice and dhall.when you taste the final dish you sure will not know a thing abt the coconut used.It will taste vey good.Just give a try and let me know.

  1. Mullai

    Sworna, nice recipe… grand sweets knyabaga paduthetenga!!! good post and hope our members would love it. Thanks for sharing with us all.

    1. sworna

      thanks kavya,it must take about 20-25 mins after you add the rice in a normal pan.pressure cooker is much quicker but the risk of it sticking to the bottom and gettting burned is there.I preffer to cook it in a open pan as it helps in checking for the water connsistency and softness of the rice.



    2. sworna

      may be 20-25 mins once the rice is added in a normal pan.pressure cooker works much faster but it has the risk of the rice sticking to the botttom and getting burned.i preffer the open pan as it helps to check for water cnsistency and softness of the rice.

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