super easy mysore pak

Written by radvin

hi ,iam radhavinod,from toronto.i was born and brought up in madurai,but settled in bangalore.iam ece enggineer,housewife as of now.iam very easy going person,likes to make lot of friends.


  1. Mullai

    This is new “easy mysore pak” have to try once and see whether it works out for me. Know for sure its not 11 cups, pls edit or clue me with right measure and I shall fix it for you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Roopashri

    Hi Radvin,

    I always prepare Mysore pak and agree with u that it is the easiest & tastiest sweet. Good that u shared this recipe. I guess many people would use this. But, I have one doubt! Are u sure, you should add 11 cups of sugar??? coz I dont put so much & I feel it will be excess…! Is it so, or is it a typographical error by mistake? Just bringing it to your notice, friend. Check it out.

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