Mutton Gravy*Sunday Special*


Muttona Gravy is one of my favorite dishes…everytime when i make this it tastes just like chicken gravy, so this time i made certain changes and it came out really like the mutton gravy that is made by my Mom and Mil…thought i will share it wid u guys…so here is the recipe..and hope u all will like it.
2 nos Onion (finely chopped)
1 no Big sized tomato[chopped]
1 no Green chilly[ slit open optional]
2 T Ginger garlic paste
10 nos Mint leaves
Corriander leaves for garnishing
1 T Dry methi leaves[optional]
Few aniseeds for flavour
1 no Cinnamon stick (small)
2 nos Cloves
2 nos Cardamom
1 no Black cardamom (crush and use litttle)
Chilly powder and salt as per individuals need
1 T Corriander powder
1 T Mutton masala or garam masala
1 tsp Cumin seed powder
pinch Turmeric powder
Curd / yoghurt
10 nos Curry leaves
Mutton according to ur need


1.Take a pressure cooker and add oil, then add aniseeds,cinnamon stick,cardamom,black cardomom,cloves ,dry methi leaves ,curry leaves and mint leaves.

2.Add mutton peices and saute it well till u see the colour change of the mutton.

3.Now add chopped onions and green chilly and keep sauting till the onions becomes translucent.

4.Now add ginger garlic paste and saute it  well and add chopped tomatoes to it.

5.add chilly powder, corriander powder,cumin seed powder ,turmeric powder, and salt and mix well.

6. Add half a cup of curd and pour enough water for the mutton to cook.

7.Pressure cook the mutton according to ur cooker’s time.

8.Once completely cooked, remove the lid of the pressure cooker and add mutton masala powder and leave it in sim for a few minutes.

Garnish the mutton gravy with corriander leaves.

Delicious Mutton masala is ready to be relished now.


1.Heard from my friend that dry methi used in any gravy gives nice i try it with channa masala and all the other gravies that i make. Althought its optional for the above gravy u may try adding it if u have.

2.Black cardamom also gives nice flavour to the recipe.

3.I have used 8 fleshy mutton chops for the above recipe.

4.Mutton masala can be any store bought mutton masala , i have used Shakthi mutton masala.

5.Ingredients of shakti mutton masala are corriander,chilly,pepper,garlic,salt,onion,ginger,cassia,clove,cardamom,turmeric and refined oil.People who doesnt have the masala can make ur own masala with the above mentioned ingredients.

6.Keeping the content on sim for more minutes will make the gravy disappear.


My experiment

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16 comments to Mutton Gravy*Sunday Special*

  • I would like to know after how many whistles we can pressure cook

  • caliph03

    hi pls tell me wat aniseed meeans

  • Sentil


    Thanks for sharing mutton gravy recipie. I have tried for the first time, and it came out good.

    Thanks agian.


  • nazreen_hameed116

    can u pls tell me approximately how much mutton can be used for this measurement
    Thank u

  • Manoo

    Wish I can cook this for mom……. Mom’s favourite is mutton……… Tats the reason we hate mutton…… Sorry konjam kiruku engalukku……….. We knows its wrong.. but dun wanna change it… Koluppu :( :(:(

  • Mullai

    Mutton gravy looks awesome !!

  • Poori

    hey sadhana…i have a hubby says mutton is not like chicken, u have to first cook it with salt n turmeric powder in the pressure cooker until it it is cooked. after we can cook it like how we cook chicken….in ur recipe, did u cook ur mutton first seperately?.. and i use frozen mutton here in the i follow the same perocedure for tht also? pls do let me hubby loves mutton..and i want to mak it for him..

    • Sadhanaraveen

      Hi Poori

      Read the step 6 and 7 from the instruction.Even i use frozen mutton, all i have done is added all the masala step by step and pressure cooked it. u can also  cook it  and add masala….but all i have realised is after sauting mutton with onion tmato ginger garlic and other masala and the pressure cooking the mutton will give nice flavor to the mutton.Try and lemme know.

      Sadhana Raveen

  • Arthi Selva


    Seems good.. I am going to try this dish tomorrow…New try in this recipe is adding methi..
    Let me try tomorrow.. You r doing good job..

    • Sadhanaraveen

      Hi Arthi

      U seem to respond to my recipes immediately..Thanx for ur encouragement.

      Sadhana Raveen

      • Arthi Selva

        Dear Sadhana Raveen,

        I tried ur recipes like fish curry, Mixed dal vadai, parupu podi,green leaves dhal etc…

        Every thing came out wellCry and i am a great fan of yours.

        I tried most of your recipes.

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