Strawberry Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Written by danalakshmi

am very friendly, carrying and short temper. i have one daughter and am busy with her all the times. my hubby is very supportive,he is the one to first test my recipe.



  1. abhimuthu

    Kids will like it. Adding cocoa powder, vanilla essence is new to me. Nice pics. Will try and let you know.

  2. SumithaDinesh

    Hi Dana!

    My little ones favourite is strawberry.Will defini., give a try..Nalla elluti errukeenga..Fotovum nalla erruku Good creativity…:-).

  3. Sudharavi

    Hi Dana,

    Can I use any milk or only whole milk for this smoothie.., And my another doubt is boiled milk or Raw milk ,which one goes well for this yummy smoothie ,Thank u ,Have a nice day…

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