Sri Lankan Sambol / Dry Sambol

Written by Busy Bee

Absolute Nut


  1. vijayalakshmi mahalingam

    manoo i tried this it goes very well for venthaya dosa but it’s very spicy. i added 9 chilly only. what is the meaning of ‘sambol’

    1. Manoo


      Nice to hear that you liked it. We make it as a very spicy sambol. So, I gave that amount… Btw, Sambol is something we make raw actually. But again there are some sambols like potato sambol & sausage sambol, which are cooked. You can check under my name to get some idea about sambols :):):)  

    1. Manoo

      Yea its half of a whole coconut.  I got some fresh – frozen coconut frm SL. should post the pic soon. We got kutti uural as well. Nalla irukkum. Try panni parungo… 

    1. Manoo

      Nice to hear that it turned out well. And abt the sambol u need ural. Yet can make with dry grinder. Do not grind after adding coconut. Just mix well with hand. 

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