Sri Lankan Rolls


A famous evening snack in Sri Lanka. It takes place in all functions as it is a crispy & spicy snack. It is made with fish & potato. Actually the outer cover must be made with wheat flour thosai. But, its time consuming & hard for beginners.Also need assit. Thus, giving an easy method using frozen sheets.

1 cup Wheat flour
1 cup Water
1 no Egg
1 tsp Black pepper powder
1 pinch Cumin seed powder
Salt for taste
2 nos Mackerel tin (425g tin)
600 g Potato
4 nos Medium size onion (finely chopped)
1 no Whole garlic (finely chopped)
1 slice Ginger (finely minced)
100 g Green chilli (finely chopped)
1 bunch Curry leaves (finely chopped)
1 T Black pepper powder
1 tsp Chilli powder
½ tsp Cumin seed powder
3 T Oil (for sauting)
Salt for taste
Lime for taste
36 nos Frozen sheets (smaller one)
Bread crumbs (for coating)


Mix all ingredients given in set 1 to make batter & keep is aside. Make the batter a bit watery then the Idli batter.

Drain the sauce fron fish tin, remove the skin & bones as well.

Mash the fish & keep it aside as well.

Boil the potatoes & slice them into small cubes.

Heat a non-stick pan & saute chopped onion till the raw smell goes away. Then add chopped green chillies, garlic, ginger & curry leaves & saute them till they turn golden brown. Add fish & cook in low flame (5-6mins). Add pepper powder, cumin seed powder & chilli powder and cook for 2mins. Add potatoes & mix well. Cook for 2 mins in low flame. Add lime & cook for another 1 min.

Keep the frozen sheets out for 3 – 5 mins to defroze themselves.

Roll 13

Roll some curry tightly in a spring roll sheet as showing in the picture. Roll could break apart when frying if it is loosely packed.


Apply little batter to the edge & paste it well.

Roll all curry in sheets.

Now dip one roll at the time in batter & coat with bread crumbs immediately.

Deep fry in medium flame & drain the excess oil. Serve hot with sauce of your choice.


Use a small cup of wheat flour to make batter. You can also use only eggs instead of wheat flour. But, you need to dip the coated rolls into egg again & coat them well.

Can reduce the amount of chillies.

Can make roll with potatoes only or potatoes + eggs.

Any meat can be used instead of fish as well. Just cook the meat with salt & curry powder and mince it before making curry. Make sure the curry is dry & not oily. Meat:Potato Ratio is 1:1.5. Yet its your choice.

Vegelables like grated carrot, finely chopped bean, green peas & etc can be added with curry. No matter with what the curry is made. Just saute them with onions. Rolling is a matter in rolls.

Coat bread crumbs well if not curry will come out while frying as shown below:

These rolls (without frying even) can be freezed upto two weeks.Place them between wax paper & store in an air tight box. (May keep them upto a month. But, didnt get a change to keep them a month)

Reheat in microwave for 10 to 15 seconds & fry them.


Idayam gingelly oil is used to make curry & fry rolls. It tastes good also good for health.


We call the one used to make cake as wheat flour.

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Stuffed Eggs 


Of Course Mom

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14 comments to Sri Lankan Rolls

  • vitha44

    good recipe..thx

  • jennimac

    Hi Manoo – great recipe just one question – are they crispy rather than soft as using spring roll frozen sheets instead of pancake mix??

  • Anja

    Manoo, I prepared the sri lankan rolls yesterday, it took me hours in the kitchen :) but it is all worth the work, the outcome was fantastic!!! My fiance dont fancy tinned fish so I prepared half with minced meat, what can I say, he LOVED it. He said he never want to eat the ready made ones from shops again :) Thank you for this great recipe.

    • Manoo


      Nice to hear from you. Yea it takes hours but if you try often then you can do it in 30 mins (50Rolls may be) :D :D:D We Sri Lankans LOVE it too… So, you have to do often for you fiance…  Hope you also liked it. You can freeze it and use. For a week means, you can store in the fresh meat box itself…. Anyways thanks again for trying our rolls… 

      • Sharmilla Saravana

        I crave for these rolls so often …but it is a lot of work. But Manoo's is definitely a short cut and tastes just as good. The maida method is more work , but messier & its so hard to fold at times adn tends to break. So yeah stick to this method thats what we all use here.

        • Manoo

          Maida method is really a trouble.. I really dont know how mom makes nice thosai with it… I do the rolling part…. I am craving for it too.. Have not eaten for  8 months… should make it soon as iam gettin some break in end of march… 

  • Suganswami

    This is simply superb, manoo… I’ve to try avoiding the meat part. Very good efforts… photos… wow!

  • hi Manoo..

    i do have a ural, a big one and i prepared the sambol you gave me,, delious,,,,,, as usual. i have a question, is the name for the stone flower which is called (kalapasi,in tamil) the same in Sinahlese, we don’t have the stone flower in Indian stores,but there are many Sri Lankan stores in our vicinity, they might have it. Thanks again,, bye for now

    • Manoo

      Hiiiii Jaya Pai, you are having that big ural? Thats amazing. You are tryin all hard & time consuming recipes so easily. & Are you referring the ural as kalapasi. I have sinhalese friends but no use to ask them. Btw, I got some roasted masala powder from a sinhalese friend. She said that he mom asked her to use for meat curries. Its a dark grey colour powder. Guess, u were referring to that only. I used it. But very little powder should be used along with chilli powder i think. coz i added a teaspoon and it was toooooo strong. yet the curry tasted yummy.

      Moreover, Thanks for trying my recipes. Nice to hear that they turned out well. Will come up with more sinhalese recipes too but in the end of jan – only when my friends mom comes here.

  • hi Manoo,,,,,,,wow is all i have to say, thank you very very much for this recipe,, i don’t like tinned mackerel,, so i used minced lamb instead of the fish and it turned out delicious,,,,,,,I reside in Canada, and we have many Shri Lankan stores in our area and this roll tasted just like that..I prepared Shri Lankan roasted masala powder, can i use this as a meat curry powder for soya curry,, Could you please give me a Shri Lankan sambal recipe( something like coconut, red chillies, onion etc,) eaten with string hoppers. thanks again,, keep up the good work…….

    • Manoo

      Hiii Jaya Pai,

      Nice to hear that you tried it. Roll is bit difficult for beginners but you did it… Great :) :):). Yea You can use any meat as I mentioned under notes… And for the roasted masala, I am not sure if sinhalese make it – But we tamil there do not have masala powder. Our meat curry powder is made of chilli and other spices. So we do not use fresh spices as Indians do. Yet, if your masala powder does not include chilli then use chilli powder with it to make the soya curry. chilli powder to masala powder is 2 : 1/4. Yea I get wat sambol you are askin for. You need "ural" for that. Even the dry grinder does not give exact taste of the sambol coz it tend to squeeze the coconut. If you do not know tamil pls check cabbage-shrimp fry to see the "URAL". Posting the recipe for you.

  • Manoo

    Dear Mullai,

    I really dont kno why Iam taking much time to upload a recipe. Editing is very hard & it nvr shows the edited part for sometime. I took more than 4 hrs to post it :-( (. The font also giving a mess as I type in word & paste it here. Getting complains tat the font is small. How to avoid those things. Need you kind help


    P.S: What is export to RecipeML

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