Sri Lankan Milk Toffee I


A famous sweet in Srilanka. It is made of condensed milk (sweetened creamer). You can also make it with milk powder. It takes less than half an hour.
1 no 505 g condensed milk tin (sweetened)
1½ cup Sugar (160ml cup is used 2 measure)
½ cup Water
1 tsp Vanilla essence
1 pinch Dry roasted cardamon powder
Ghee to grease the tray & knife


Mix water and sugar in a heavy bottomed pan and bring it to a boil. When it thickens & reaches three thread consistency add the condensed milk & stir for few minutes. Do not put on high flame, always put on low or medium heat.

Add vanilla essence & cardamom. Keep stirring continuously until you see a stage when the paste thickens and forms a soft ball.

Switch off immediately & transfer it into a greased tray. Cut them immediately (in squares or diamonds) as it hardens very fast.




Lack of cutlery in uni hostel lead to use a bowl (3in thickenss grrr…..)to transfer the milk toffee which supposed to be transferred into a flat tray. Thickness of 1cm is preferable. (2 cm x 2cm square as well)

You can use 2 or 3 drops of pineapple emulsions as well with vanilla. It gives a different taste.

Condensed milk tend to pour out when boiling. So keep stirring continuously. You can swtich off the flame time to time if it troubles you.

June 4, 2007

You can add 1/4 Teaspoon of coco powder when adding condensed milk, which gives the real colour of milk toffee.

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19 comments to Sri Lankan Milk Toffee I

  • Priya

    Some tips from a Sri Lankan; you can make the toffee softer by adding 1tbsp of butter at the point where the milk+sugar mixture starts to get harden in the stove. The toffee will be much tastier with added cashew nuts (roasted)

  • Dear Mullai,
    I bought milk powder and cocoa powder to prepare sweets.
    Now i dont know how to make sweets with these powders.
    Can u pls guide me with some easy sweet recipes for diwali using this milk powder.
    or tell me how to make srilankan milk toffee using milk powder instead of condensed milk. expecting ur immediate reply.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Angela

    What is the consistency of this dessert? Is it hard, chewy or soft? Thank you.

  • sonu

    Thank you very much. If you can, send me another recipes that you have.

  • anitha

    it didnt work for me! when exactly do u take it off the stove?

  • Freewoman


    It really works. I tried and it turned out delicious, perfect and healthy home made sweet. I am loving it. Thank you very much for the recipea

  • charismafernando

    Hi Busy Bee,
    This recipe is excellent.
    Couple of points:
    1) I used a 32″ wok.
    2) I tossed a handful of rasins as well – since I love love love raisins. It came out perfect.
    3) The 1 and 1/2 cup of 160ml came up to about a cup of normal measure.
    4) I used a 525g condensed milk tin (Milkmaid).

    The results were great! Thanks Busy Bee!

  • Iado

    Wow….grazie per la ricetta! Una mia amica SriLankese me li ha fatti assaggiare e devo dire che sono molto buoni!

  • Sparrow

    Thanks for the recipe Busy Bee. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Manoo

    Here, you can see the three thread consistency pic.. its bit blur… when you see two threads then its two thread consistency…

  • Suganswami

    Manoo, I’m always tempted to make sweets when I see the recipe. But, the calories and choice of sweet at home will make me think a while. So, unless and until some occasion comes, I won’t make sweets. But, this toffee is appealing because we find fat-free condensed mild here. I’ll think abt this. Your preparation is so nice, Manoo.

  • Manoo

    Coco powder can be added as well to get brown colour


    Dear manoo,
    If milk powder can be used what is the measurement?

    • Manoo

      Dear Latha,
      Actually for 750 grams they use 1/2 to 2/3 kilo sugar. The colour will be brown if u use milk powder. But, can you pls give me a weak or two. Will post it for sure as its a messy method. I already planned to make other things & bought stuffs tat cant be kept for long time. Thereby,I need to work on them :(

  • suja

    Can you please tell how much fl.oz is the condensed milk? I don’t want to use the wrong amount. Also will this tofee be too sweet, Just curious because condensed milk itself is very sweet and if we add sugar to it, will this be too sweet?

    • Manoo

      Hi Suja,
      Actually I used the normal size tin. There are small & big size tins I suppose. Pls just check whether its 505 grams – u can find it in the tin itself.

      And the toffee is very sweat. This is the actual amount of sugar we use for this toffee. Yet, will try with less sugar & post it asap. Tats why I’ve named it as Milk toffee I.

      I am extremely sorry for forgetting it. The cup I used here is the 160ml cup which comes with rice cooker. I do apologize again… In any cup just measure to the 160ml level.

      Let me know ur results. That will really encourage us, especially little fellows like us ;-) )))

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