Spring Roll

Written by lajo


  1. latha.mn

    Hi abi,
    For chicken u have to boil and shred the chicken and go ahead, can also add veg with chicken, u can make the chicken filling with indian masala like adding chilly powder, garam masala. Happy pongal.

  2. abi

    hi latha,
    spring rolls are yummy. to prepare this with nonveg stuffing wheather we have to boil chicken or mutton pieces. good job. happy pongal.

  3. latha.mn

    Hi sugan,
    I dont know about Saravana Bhavan ,but I can say this recipe tastes literally good and yes the veg should be stir fried

  4. Suganswami

    Hi Latha,

    I was searching for this recipe… Used to taste in Saravana Bhavan… Have a doubt… The vegetables used to stay half cooked there which was the highlight… Do this recipe give the same result?


  5. latha.mn

    hi dahlia,
    yes u get ready made spring roll pastry in any supermarkets, hope USA members can help u in finding the store, pls do watch in frozen sections

  6. Visitor

    i love spring rolls and would love to try this recipe. But with a small kid, i honestly do not have the time and patience to make the outer covering. It will be nice if u can tell me a place where i can find ready made sheets. Is it available in Wal-mart?? thanks in advance.

  7. latha.mn

    Hi Mullai,
    After u prepare the roll if everything is perfect go ahead with deepfrying, only if u have a doubt of breaking or for the first time preparing just ‘DIP’ ONCE in cornflour mixed with water (very thin batter) and soon deep fry.
    Even while making pancakes (pastry or outercovering) I have not mentioned salt as i didnt use ,but its upto their choice,and no need to worry if the covering tears while removing from pan while rolling u can adjust and roll, like this type rolls u can dip in corn flour. After removing the pancakes keep distance in keeping one pancake to another, if by mistake if u put one on another just remove slowly by blowing it ,it will come out easily
    Hope u enjoy making, patience is required while making pastry as in slow flame it has to be prepared. Pls any doubt mail to me

  8. Mullai

    Hi Latha,
    I have a doubt, Can you help me? After the roll is done, do you want me to soak it in cornflour mixed with water or just roll it over the powder as the liquid consistency makes very it sticky.

  9. kaberi

    i just love to eat spring rolls but dint know how to prepare.thank you very much latha for your recipe.i will definitely try this weekend.

  10. Mullai

    Hi Latha,
    You’re doing an awesome job, actually sharing my work, recipes are very tempting. I use to get those ready made wrappers for making these rolls, this one is totally new and I got to try this week and update on it.

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