Spinach Poriyal(My style)

Written by danalakshmi

am very friendly, carrying and short temper. i have one daughter and am busy with her all the times. my hubby is very supportive,he is the one to first test my recipe.



  1. danalakshmi

    to all my friends
    iam really new to cooking my friend told me it is spinach poriyal, moreover in kuttu we didn’t add coconut.
    any way it is healthier diet. spinach has lot of vitamins and proteins and so do lentils. it contains less oil, so please try it and let me know

  2. Visitor2

    I hate to do this but I have to agree with the last post.. Kootu it is. But it is a heck of a lot healthier than poriyal! Which with spinach, invariably, ends up quite greasy.. my 2 cents..

  3. newsweetwaves

    If you want it as a poriyal or dry curry the way i do is to soak the moong dhal for about 20 minutes and half hour and when the spinach is cooking and you should without too much water add the moong dhal to it, will be very nice and dry and it will cook well with spinach you can also add coconut to it in the end

  4. divya mubarak

    dana, like ur spinach recipe i will prepare keerai….nice one..keep going..neenga popeye fana????

    DIvya Mubarak

  5. jlakshmi


    No Offense .. My 2 cents ..this looks like Spinach Kootu.. I do the exact same way, For porial the dhal has to be 3/4th cooked and the porial must not stick to each other ( Must be like uthiri uthiriyaka ).

    I know u r going to tell me that ..” This is my style” !!..Thanks for sharing. I always go thru all of your recipes , they are good.

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