Spicy prawn fry

Written by Divya Mubarak

Hi this s divya mubarak, a graduate in home science.... loves cooking and learn cooking and Try recipe of my own..My cooking Inspiration is my mother..... she used to try out new recipes and now im following her....my passion for cooking started after my marriage..i love to share my new & authentic recipes.


  1. manjupriya

    Hi Divya, nice and easy recipe. I haven't cooked shrimp before. I heard that if shrimp is not cooked properly, it might either be under-cooked(if cooked for less time) or become rubber-like (if cooked for more time). Is there any specific time limit we need to cook the shrimps for it to be perfect? Also is it better to buy those already cooked shrimps or fresh shrimps for your recipe?

    1. M Divya

      Hi manju, thanks …it is very easy to cook shrimps….yeah as u said if it is over cooked it becomes rubber, when u try this recipe u will find the difference. when the oil leaves out u can switch off the flame. and please buy the fresh ones to try out this recipe. 

      Divya Mubarak

  2. seema

    I am a lover of prawns and this dish will definitely be welcomed by all prawn lovers like me…

    tks Divya for the nice dish…

    good presentation

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