Sleep Inducing Milk

Written by shalinivenkatesh


  1. Samantha

    Dear Shalini,
    I tried grinding this powder yesterday and I have stored it in a container.Today when I opened the box it was bit wet with moisture.Not looking as the dry fine powder anymore.Im yet to use it with milk.Do you have any suggestions what might have gone wrong.Is weather also a matter of question as it is cold and raining here in NZ.Please advise.Thanks for the healthy recipe.

    1. shalinivenkatesh

      Dear samantha,

       You have to dry roast all the ingredients seperately and then grind them into a powder together. And keep the box totally dry when you put the powder inside and make sure that you have let the powder cool completely before storing it. Hope it turns out better. U can use the slightly moist powder too no probs.

      hope this solves your query.


      1. Samantha


          Thanks for your prompt reply. I appreciate your time….I tried this powder with the milk. I must admit I have improved on my sleep and also it tastes good.Next time I'll try making this powder exactly following your instructions and will let you know.Thanks once again

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