Schezwan Fried Rice

Written by Divya Pugazhendy


  1. Jayalakshmi

    Lovely recipe and wonderfully described. The line about husband’s approval is so apt and true in every household. I guess you used red chillies as vegetable thingy. I didn’t had that. So suiting my needs and availability, I used dry red chillies and adjusted to my taste. I added few veggies and removed few from your list. But your listing was great. Dish came out well and thanks for guiding the new beginners right way. Loved the recipe!!

  2. Sadhanaraveen

    Hi Divya..i liked the description part..u just brought out my feeling in the description…thanx and the recipe sounds great!!!

    Sadhana Raveen

  3. abhimuthu

    Grinding the ginger, garlic, red chillis with vinegar is different and new to me. God recipe, tempting presentation. Thanks.

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