Roma Beans Sambhar

Written by Mullai

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    1. Mullai

      Kavi, they might have but not really sure. Supermarkets don't carry all the grocery, so check any big grocery chain. If you have Meijer, kroger, Traders Joe, Price Chopper or any Food Mart should have this.

    2. Valentine

      Kavi i found this Roma beans in Walmart by the name of Pinto Beans, it just cost about $1…Also mixed beans bag is also there…

    3. abhimuthu


      You can get Roma beans in Fiesta for sure in the dry bean section and it is very cheap. I am not sure about walmart, but check it out if it is a super center it should carry one.

      1. kaviarun

        Thank u abhi, i searced in super center and my local grocery store. but i couldn't get, will try in Fiesta…thanks for ur information…


        1. abhimuthu


          Fiesta la pinto beans kuvichu spring/summer time la vegetable section la vechuirupaanga. it is only 20 cents per pound and the taste is awesome. In winter times, pinto/other bean varieties is in dry bean section or browse around fiesta to find it out. I used to live in Houston for three years.

          1. abhimuthu


            Only in places like Houston and rest of texas you get this deal in summer and sometimes in winter. But in other places, it is $1 per pound. so you are right. Thanks.

            20 cents unpacked beans.. they sell heaped like in our India markets. We have to weigh..

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