Riceball kababs

Written by deepthihasini



  1. kerry

    Im a arden fan of this site. I always look forward to new recepies everyday.I may not try all of them but still its pleasant just to look at them. To visitor, try to give more constructive comment pls, if you dont like the recepi, just ignore it instead of condemn it. Maybe other people will find it interesting.

    Just my humble opinion, no offence pls.

  2. Manoo

    Palaya sooru is the most Energizing food. Thats why those days they had palaya sooru kanchi which is good for health.. I did yoga, karate, dance & swimming. I was told from all those trainers to take palaya sooru in da morning with onion, green chilli, coconut milk, salt & lime. My grand pa was a doc & he said it too. So i think this recipe is somthing special.

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