Rava Laddoo

Written by Manju


  1. Divs

    looks tasty hey manju woow!!!coool!!!!!kalekare!!!!!
    hmmm….it looks very yummy…u r doin great akka..carry on
    pack some n send me ok….

    1. Mullai

      Hi Rithu, you don't have to be harsh… we can help, if you gives us some clue to as where it really went wrong. Be polite, patience is the key to success.

  2. manjupriya

    Thanks for all your appreciations.

    Mano, you can make ladoo balls when the mixture is warm. Infact thats how my mom makes too. But I just let it cool. Anyway warm milk will help to shape the ladoo.

    Ramya, keep trying and you will get it perfect!!

    Kavi, I don't think you need to add any coloring. If you use cow milk ghee (which in itself is yellow) the rava changes color. Nevertheless, you can experiment.

  3. Ramya Ashok

    manju,very simple n tasty recipe.but i make mistakes often and never gets the perfect laddoo…will give a try of urs n let u know

  4. Manoo

    seems so tasty with dripping ghee…. will try soon…Amma makes laddu urundai when its warm… I must tell her that she can make it after letting the mixture cools down….Thanks

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