Rava Bonda

Written by S.Priya

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  1. nishaazoobi

    nithyak the item contains CARROT on it. I think carrot is healthy. how many children like to have raw carrot?? check out for priyas recipe. she ud ve stated its really healthy and kids will love it. whats wrong in it dear! carrot is healthy, tofu is healthy, eggs are healthy.

    if anyone finds any recipe unhealthy, pls dont discourage the persons.look priya…evlo effort eduthu she manages to post a different recipe everyday. to be frank, i dint know how to cook the great veggie zuchinni. only after visited this site i learnt to cook zuchini.i can say a lot more.

  2. EatHealthy

    agree with nithak, good innovative recipe, and i agree that its great for kids who refuse to eat eggs,atleast they get something good by doing it this way. ,but no offense,i always wondered why people post ‘very healthy’ comments for deep fried items. by deep frying greens like spinach,broccoli (like vadai,bonda) the veggie loses its nutrients as its cooked in high temperature for a quite long time (as to get the brownish crispy outer layer).its very very tasty though but cerainly not healthy, as it not only gives you more saturated fat but also fills you with no more room for good food.
    priya i certainly appreciate your effort and finding time to post recipes everyday.

      1. nishaazoobi

        yes priya…ur items are really tempting, helplessly i end up in making a different dish  each day ….even i feel the same…en diet enna aagum-im not blaming you, but saying that avlo nalla pudhusa interestinga engalukku recipes thareenga. keep going.

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