Ramzan Nonbu Congee (veg)

Written by Divya Mubarak

Hi this s divya mubarak, a graduate in home science.... loves cooking and learn cooking and Try recipe of my own..My cooking Inspiration is my mother..... she used to try out new recipes and now im following her....my passion for cooking started after my marriage..i love to share my new & authentic recipes.


  1. Sumaiya Suhail

    Divya I tried it .. it is great shall I try the same way for non veg congee also..or please post non veg congee as this is ramadhan time …

  2. Divya

    Thank you for the recipe!
    I knew it only from what my mum used to serve in a bowl and really want to my husband (who is down with the flu b.t.w) ..I just tried googling and am so happy I found it! Thank you n keep sharing n smiling 🙂

  3. ayesha1

    wow really suberb!! Divya correct timela you have given this recipe. I’ll prepare it in this way hereafter.
    Actually yestaerday i was browsing for this recipe in net . but i didn’t find much.
    But your Kanchi is too goood.
    Thanks again.

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