Rajma Masala

Written by Mullai

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  1. Kritiga

    Hi…i tried yesterday and it came out really well…thanks a lot for sharing your excellent recipes….it's good and has a unique taste….

  2. vimala.jayaram

    Hi Mullai, Thanks for the above recipe. I started seacrching for the recipe after soaking rajma and luckily i found that here.Thanks to you once again. Vimala

  3. Visitor

    Hi Mullai,
    Thanks for the recipe. Whenever I soak dry red/pale red kidney beans in water for 8 hrs ,as I do for anyother bean, the kidney beans’s skin shrink and each bean open up showing the white portion of the bean inside,giving them an unpleasant look. I am having this problem only with kidney bean,not for whole moong dhal,garbanzo,mochai etc..would u help me?

    1. Mullai

      Hi there,

      Kidney beans skin are naturally very tender and thin, this makes them shrink. Even I encounter the same, not really sure what exactly happens…not all of them, but only some tend to rupture after soaking. Sorry for not being that helpful.

        1. Mullai

          Hi there, Actually don't have great rajma fans at home so got to come up with something simple and tasty to include in our meal and landed with this recipe. Glad it worked in your home too. Umm…. BTW who is this?????????????

    2. Ayesha Shahnaz

      Hi Mullai, I tried this Rajma Masala today for Chapathi. It was too delicious!! too good. thanks a ton for ur excellent posting. Keep up ur good work!! God Bless!! Smiles Ayesha

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