Puliyodarai or Tamarind rice

Written by ssujatha


  1. Latha

    hi sujatha

    The recipe look very delicious,I would like to try them,but I only have the store brought thick tamarind pulp,so how many tbsp should I use for this recipe?And also how much asfoetida powder should I use? Thank you so much!

  2. vidhu

    hai sujatha,

    I have visited ur recipes section and they are too good. one suggestion!!
    pls try to avoid using stainless steel vessels and any plate which has too much bright designs on it like fruits,letters etc.,while displaying the end product. coz it will dimnish the actual appearance of the recipe. if you use a light colored… may be white or cream colored wares the recipes will look more yummy!! thanks.

  3. shan

    Hi sujatha,

    Your receipe made me tempting and hungry…

    Pulisatham with potato curry… Yummy !!! Excellent combination. Thanx for such a great receipe.


  4. Manoo

    Whoever gives negative comments,
    Pls do get that you are increasing the counter counting. Even if you comment on others recipes, ppl will tend to check the recipe to know what recipe is commented there. So again the counter counts increases. Definitely whoever checking the site will check the recent comments. again counts increases. Kind hearted ppl will reply you back again counter increases. So dont be a fool. All your insanity will only make suja akkas recipes popular.

  5. radhika

    this is very easy to make. you should not give such a negative comment. you try one or more time. its very bad to give a negative comment.

    1. Manoo


      You must be aware of those freaks who behave rudely. I also replied like you for a fellow who was rude to sujatha, he started bs-ing on most of my recipes. So dont every try to post recipes as radhika. He/she will bother you too. He used others names also to comment about my recipes. I stopped reacting on his comments at one stage. Yet felt to tell you about the wastrels as they might comment on your recipes. As far as its open to all there will be someone to bs. Sometimes I feel why we shld tolerate such creatures. Then convince myself that we should not bark back if a dog barks at you on the road. Suja akka you are one of the best. Cheers. Sis

      1. Durga

        This is very rude of you..u cannot just pass comments like this…u shud have tried one more time or mentioned what went wrong so that people can suggest u of how to fix it…..as far as I know…u r the only one who have passed a negative comment in this site..I wud rather say that maybe u don;t know what cooking is..that’s why u r not able to cook something even after having so much help :(((

        1. Sarah

          You also gave negative comment on some egg fry. Negative comments appear from jobless people only. and hey visitor, as far as I know no one will post recipes without knowing about it well. Don’t be ridiculous.

    1. Mullai

      Can you tell us why?????? Everything looks fine, well explained with pictures. Writing a negative comment might be easy, but do you ever realize, how hard is it, to actually share a recipe with perfection? It involves cooking, capturing, texting to suit any amateur… all these tasks are quite time consuming and requires lot of patience. So, you should be actually thankful to find something which is explained with lot of care rather than finding fault. If you have a problem, just write to us, as to what went wrong and we would be happy to help you out. Hope you will understand and get back to us as a registered member.

  6. priyaS

    PuliKaichal Recipe .. Hi Sujatha , We r going on a short trip this weekend . We wanted to pack Puliyotharai for lunch and I was searching for the recipe when I came accross yours.I wanted to prepare only Pulikaichal and add rice later. If so, should I roast the methi and asfotedia separately and grind them ? Should I add that powder when addding the (Coriander,dhal and dry chilli ) powder ? How much Tamarind should I use for 2 cups of rice ? Should I use only Basmati rice for this recipe ? Thanks, Priya

    1. ssujatha

      hi priya,

            Powder the methi and asfoetida  seperately,but add them when the gravy is almost done and oil starts floating on top.Mix well and switch off.

          You can use one big lemon size of tamarind..one small tip that i would give is dont add all the gravy at once,add them little by little taste and adjust according to your taste.since all the tamrinds dont taste the same way.,some may be too tangy.

          you can use raw rice(pacharasi)

        "Have a nice trip"

  7. Vidhya Karthik

    Hey sujatha! gr8 job! looking forward to more recipie classics from u, mullai and all!!! keep up the excellent job!!!!!!!

  8. Manoo

    Can give a title as Rice Dishes Rani for suja akka :):):) for posting many rice dishes. We call this as Puliyodarai. Its bit watery. Pulisatham is the yellow one, bit dried without Coriander seeds powder for us. Both can be called as Tamarind rice right. I am getting so confused with the terms. Forgot, tried this without Methi seeds and with some pepper. It tasted just as our Puliyodarai. What is Methi seeds btw?

    1. ssujatha

      hi sis,

          how r u? Igot busy with some stuff….

          college got reopened???

          methi seeds vera onum illa namma venthaiyam than……wat u said is right  i think in english we call both of them as tamarind rice.


      1. Manoo

        Ha ha… Methi is venthayam. I used dry roasted & powder venthayam without knowing it. I usually add it for most rices. So I think I made in proper way and there by it tasted good. Uni opens on 17th of sep. Btw, there is a puliyodarai joke. A wife only knows to make puliyodarai. Husband got freaked out to eat the same food everyday so he went to a restaurant one day. Unfortunately he does not know English so he just selected a dish. You know wat was that. The same puliyotharai.

  9. kaberi

    hey sujatha,excellent n mouth watering dish.i prepare very often but a slight difference(telugu style).i will try this tommorrow.:)

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