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  1. Manoo

    A recipe from kalani thani? wow amazing…amazing… Good start Shan. Guess, you have used the red raw rice. Do we need to wash the rice first or can just use it. Will try when I get red raw rice for sure. Btw, do you think the taste changes much if we do not use asafoetida. We do not use it. Anyways, Thanks for sharing a very easy recipe.

    1. shan

      Hi Manoo, I soaked and drained the kalani thanni from sona masoori rice. First rinse the rice and pour-down the 1st water (kalani) from it and then add 21/2 cups of water, soak it for 15-20 mins, drain the water and then use it for Pulisaaru.

      BTW, Asafoetida will give you the good flavor and i always use in all receipes excluding kuruma's. If possible, try to get it, orelse i think major changes will not be there. But you must use methi seeds to get the flavour of Pulisaaru.

      1. Manoo

        hmmm.. will do that way for sure when I try. Sorry I mistaken you as a guy as how ppl mistaken my name. Thanks for other replies too shankari. 

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