Puli Aval

Written by c_saratha


  1. amusan

    this not puli aval.that is onion pickle. any one tell the tomato rice. mulli mam,i did ur panner butter masala, and pepper chicken.it comes with the hotel taste.thanks lot.

  2. amusan

    can any one please tell me the recipe for puli vengayam (a dish like pickle normally accompany with marraige feast in tamil nadu). but i have a clue.it is made with onion(diced in to small),green chilli and some other things. taste like little sour and sweet.

    i have studied in v.v.v college virudhunagr dist.tamil nadu.in our hostel menu one of the favorite dish is tomato rice which is great taste. every body wait for saturday evening for that.can anybody please tell me how to make tomato rice/biriyani like in the hostel.

    (in my college days they serve this item(puli vengayam)instead of coconut chutny with ven pongal. )

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