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  1. Nisha

    Hi..can i use pillsbury atta (chappati flour) for this instead of maida? will it come out good ? Just to make it more healthy for my kid..she loves sweet items…please reply..

  2. Poorna

    hi kaviarun,
    poli looks tempting!! jus like my grandma’s. could you please tell me how to store it and how long can it be stored.

    kind regards,

  3. Cappuccino

    Kavi, tried ur poli with theengai poranam, it came out superb…Also i stretched the dough using my palm…It was easy too. Love ur receipes.

    Do post more simple snack items like this

    Have a great day

  4. divya mubarak

    hi kavi,
    this is my favorite dish my mom used to do it on bogi. paruppu poli and thengai poli both…
    remmembered those days..thank u

  5. Visitor

    Hi Kaviarun,

    Today I am going to prepare this poli. But I have a doubt . I have brought jaggery( Triangular shaped vellam) . So how do i cook the channa dal with vellam. Do i have to break it into pieces before mix it with channa dal in a pan or do i have to pour water and cook jaggery first and then add channa dal or do i have to cook the grinded channa dal with the jaggery (without breaking it) will it automaticaly dissolve/

    Please clarify my doubt soon.

    1. kaviarun

      Hi visitor, i know i'm replying late, sorry somehow missed ur msg. Ya,if u have hammer break the vellam into powder. MIx ground channa dal powder and jaggery powder in kadai & heat in medium….pls. don't add water….jaggery melts in heat…we need thick poornam not watery….so that we have to add little coconut…


  6. shanthikrishna

    Hai kavi,

    i love poli very much..thanx for giving this recipes..i am going to try this immediately..photos looks attractive…

    with love


    1. kaviarun

      Dear shanthi, so today poli in ur home…..am i correct?….try it…do with patience….u can get nice poli….for half cup channa dal use only one cup water…it's very important….otherwise the poornam will turn soggy…. for ur feedback….thanks.


  7. diana


    I have been looking for this recipe for a long time. This recipe has been soo well presented. I will try this weekend and get back to you.

    Thanks again

  8. Sadhanaraveen

    Hi Kavi,

    Can this be done without coconut or with dry grated coconut.Here in Taiwan its very difficult to get fresh coconut.PLEASE SUGGEST.

  9. Suganswami

    Poli is superb, Kavi…..I just finished preparing mixture….Opened the site…oh..I missed it for today….Will try it asap….It’s a long time thought…

  10. abhimuthu

    Your pictures are good. Poli ivlo easy aa.. I thought it is very time consuming. Inge vaangara poli ella dry aa irukku taste mm chappaiya bland aa irukku. Will try yours..Well presented showing each step. Thanks for posting.. innum evlo recipe vachirukkeenga kaivasam? 😉

    1. kaviarun

      Hi abhi, poli konjam easy thaan…..press panna konjam time edukkum…..otherwise it's easy….innum konjam recipe kaivasam irukku…..try and let me know…..


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