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  1. Priyadharshini


    Thanks for the gr8 recipe.
    Can we prepare the pizza till the step to adding toppings & cheese, refriegerate it for an hr & bake it for dinner time?
    I have a small kid & I can’t even enter kitchen when she is around. So I cook when she is asleep.
    But ur recipe is tempting.
    Pls let me know.


    1. mercyusha

      Priya  & Sugan,

       I am not sure abt it, please check with Mullai. Even I have a small kid, couldnt find time at all to browse spice 🙂


  2. sugakar

    thanks for ur step by step procedure.
    can we store these prepared bases if so hw?
    hav prepard pizza with shop bought base but nw gonna prepare with my own base.
    addn of oregano to the sauce gives good flavor

    1. mercyusha

      Hi Sugan,

      yes, we can freeze the base, it works fine, also u can freeze with topping too. if u r making fresh, bake the base first for couple of minutes and then the rest. i have put a pic for the second.


  3. mohana kumaran

    Hi Mercy, I tried ur pizza receipe & it turned out very nice. Really ur pictures & step by step instructions r superb. Great job. Thanx for the receipe. Bye Mohana kumaran

  4. Kri_Shanthy

    Hi Mercy,

    superb…my small cousins had fun decorating their own pizza last weekend, and all of them turned out soooooooooooo good. Thank you for this wonderful receipe.

  5. tarameenu

    Hi Merchy,

    Really super recipe. step by step pic. Let me know we get mozella cheese and Italian seasoning. I plan to try this weekend..


    1. mercyusha

      You can get these from any grocery store or supermarket. You can prepare Italian seasoning on your own also (1 teaspoon of dried basil, dried marjoram, dried oregano and 1/2 tsp dried sage).




    I don’t have a oven, can i do it in electric rice cooker or any other way to bake, if you have pl. share with me


    1. mercyusha

      Sorry Amudha, I really dont know and have no idea. I have heard that we can bake cake in pressure cooker, but am not sure about pizza.


  7. Sadhanaraveen

    HI Mercyusha

    Really ur recipe is very clear and well presented. I have store bought pizza base..lemme try ur topping recipe and will let u know by this weekend..Thanx once again

    Sadhana Raveen

  8. Manoo

    Enna solla??? As usual Simply SUPERB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At shops we wont get pizza with lot chicken & other stuff… Home made means you can add as much as you want.. specially i like more sides… wish i have someone to bake it for me :(:(:(

    1. mercyusha

      I have never tasted pizza before as I dont like it. I tried this for the first time for my hubby. I haven't seen pizza without tomato sauce. Anyways, if you wanna try, try with some other sweet and sour gravy of your choice.


    1. mercyusha

      No particular reason behind that. This is just the basic recipe for making pizza. You can adapt this recipe to your own taste.


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