Pista Roll

Written by Mullai

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  1. SathyaKumari


    Pista roll is awesome, planning to do for this deepavali.

    Where do i get Milk powder other than Indian store?? is it must for this roll?? any alternate for this milk powder??

    Thank You,

    1. Mullai


       I've used home-mdae khoya..use the serach to locate the recipe. If you prefere milk powder, then try Indian stores first. If you dont find there then try regular supermarkets.. but not all stores have them, you got to get lucky to find one. Buying online is another solution. Making at home is what i would suggest. Good luck and have a great deepavali.

  2. anithashankar

    Mullai, I saw in a food network show that here a similar thing is used as silver varak for presenting rich dessert items,its name is ” edible golden or silver leaf” which the host said ,is available in craft shops like Michaels,Jo Anns etc..(though not sure whether they are nationwide shops)

    1. Mullai

      Anitha, its true some locations of Jo ann have these but had to get help finding in the store. Amazon also carries gold and silver leaf but expensive though. Mine is from India, heard Indian stores have them too. Thanks.

  3. kraechel

    Mullai mam… I never imagined that pista rolls would be this simple… thanks much… will let you know the outcome whenever I try it… I still remember the seemingly perfect kaju katli that I prepared with your guidance. Very impressive work from you and undoubtedly you have inspired many others too, strenghtened unity , selflessness among people and brought out hidden creativity in many of us.


  4. Manoo

    it turned out well spiceindia recipe no… and, we started eating the dough itself…. a quick sweet with ready made khoya…. thank you… we dried with cashew nuts (pink colouring) – the taste was not tat great. hazel nut (yellow colouring) was awesome. peanut (green colouring) was HORRIBLE…. but had to finish it as din want to make aunt mad…. he he…. thanks for the easy recipes…


    didnt let aunt to use silver foil as i dont want to consume it after knowing how the make it.Have you heard that ms.Megana kandhi made those sweet stalls to use some non-vege stamp on their boxes if silver foil is used. It really good if you dont use it mam. I know its temptin to see with silver foil but its unhygienic. I read it in "Snegithi" magazine two or three yr back. 

  5. Manoo

    I guessed, pista rolls & other stuff have khoya… but didnt expect it would be this easy… some khoya left in the fridge… showed this recipe to aunt too.. ha ha… you wont find foodies like us… :):):) THanks for sharing… we dont wake up her by sayin good mornin… we only wake up her with new recipes…. i kno its mean


    Personally feel that cookin with colouring is better-cos no raw smell.. i always add colouring a couple of min before i take the stuff from fire.. is not tat good…

    1. Mullai

      Viji, some Indian stores have them, you cannot easily locate on the shelf, better to ask the grocer. My dealer has it for $4. Thats too too expensive…. so I grabbed some during my trip to India. If you have any friends visiting and returning…request them to bring, it would hardly take any space.

      1. Vijitha

        Mullai, Will surely ask my friend to get it from India. I checked with the Indian store. They don't have this. Will surely try this and let you know how it came out.. I love sweets and nuts. VIJI

          1. Vijitha

            Thanks Mullai for ur prompt response. It looks very expensive and need min 5 days shipping time. Specially i need it by Monday. So better i'll present this to my hubby's colleagues without silver foil.VIJI

    1. Mullai

      You can very well add powdered pista, make sure its unsalted. Sometimes too much of pista could turn little bitter as its too strong. So add little by little until the taste is ok. You can also skip the milk powder part and use pista powder instead. Hope this helps, try it out and get back with the results. Thanks.

  6. Abhi Muthu


    Is khoya available ready made in Indian store or american grocery store. I have not checked it.
    The recipe looks easy except the khoya part. Great recipe, I love pista roll, thank you for reminding such nice recipes.

    1. Mullai

      Abhi, not all Indian stores have this in stock but big chains like Patel bros for sure will have under refrigerated section. American store don't carry this item and pretty sure about it. Making homemade khoya is not a scary thing, you can give it try once, its pretty easy.

      1. Abhi Muthu


        Thank you for your prompt response. I will try to get in Indian store, Patel brothers is near my house only. If time permits I will try to make Khoya. But not sure how the final product will become 😉
        Happy New Year.

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