Pineapple Kesari


Semolina (rawa) kesari is simple South-Indian dessert mainly prepared during festive and special occasions. Adding fruits make it even tastier and here’s one with Pineapple being our key guest ingredient.

Pineapple Kesari / Rawa Kesari / Kesari Bhath / Fruit Kesari / Kesari / Sujji / Rava / Sooji / Soji

½ cup Semolina (rawa)
¾ cup Sugar
¼ cup Ghee (for kesari)
2 tbsp Ghee (for roasting)
1 cup Water (exact measure)
1 cup Pineapple (chopped)
2 nos Cardamon (crushed)
3 pinch Kesari colour (yellow food colour)
15 nos Cashews
10 nos Raisins(optional)


Heat a non-stick tawa, add 3 tbsp ghee and fry cashews till golden and remove only the nuts retaining the ghee. (Raisin can be added at this stage along with cashews but I personally don’t prefer raisins for this recipe, as there’s already a fruit included and adding raisins makes it odd with pineapple chunks while eating, choose if you like it that way.) In the pan with leftover ghee roast the rawa over low  medium flame for 3 minutes or until it turns light golden brown. When done, switch off and remove. (do not over brown) Meanwhile core the pineapple and cut them into small chunks and keep it ready, retain the juice from the fruit which can also be used along with the pieces. Heat water along with sugar, cardamon crushed, pineapple chunks and juice. Let it come to a rolling boil and bring down the flame to medium and let it cook until the pineapple pieces cook well. (2 minutes, approx) When pierced with a knife the chunks should split or when pressed should feel mushy. When this syrup is ready, add the food colour and mix well. Keeping the flame over medium range, slowly add the roasted rawa and mix to avoid lumps. Let it cook for few minutes or until the water slightly disappears, turning to a thick mass. Now add the cashew and slowly add ghee as you stir. This consistency will slowly turn soft and melty… ghee separating from the raw(indication its done), switch off.


Saffron, raisins and any other toasted nuts are optional. A pinch of salt will always activate the sweet flavour.

Yield: 3 Adult servings.

Above mentioned measures for sugar and ghee is a must for this recipe to turn good. Adding more ghee will make the texture very smooth and the kesari when scooped into your mouth will slide through without even you making an attempt. Cutting down on the ghee will make the kesari very hard like a cake. Always add pineapple pieces along with sugar and cook them for sometime to make the pieces sweet or else they will be taste blunt.

Fresh pineapple chunks are being used for this recipe, you can also use canned pineapple along with the juice for this recipe.

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18 comments to Pineapple Kesari

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  • Ashwini

    looking yummy….want 2 try it today……….

  • anuradhab

    hi mullai,
    could u pl. post how to make ghee from uinsalted butter, i tried a couple of times and didnt get the smell that we do at home……

  • shabina

    hi mullai, yesterday i tried this dish for my hubby’s evening snack,with a doubt in the mind because he don’t like much experiments in traditional tastes….but he liked it very much….its really yummy although i used little less ghee then required…thanks for the recipe.

  • Priya Swaminathan

    Hi Mullai,
    I wanted to try it as soon as i saw this recipe. I had never tasted this kesari before. So made it and tasted it for the first time. It was so good. The sweetness and a hint of tanginess… wow..Delicious.

  • khyatianand

    By far one of the best kesari’s I have ever had/made till date. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

  • sujatha venkatraman

    hi mullai,
    i regularly chek ur site it is very nice this same rawa kesari can be made with slight diffrence
    the propotion is 1 cup rawa 2 cup sugar 3cups water . add little ghee and fry the cashews the add water directly and let the water boil add colour the add rawa and slowly mix until it starts becoming like upuma then add sugar it will become liquid again and add cardomom and ghee and stir until the kesari becomes like halwa cool and serve this propotion is so yummy its an all time faviourite in my home

  • diyaa

    hi mullai
    will the rawa cook in the sugar syrup.

  • Sanram27

    Hi mullai, It is really so yummy and mouth watering when we see the picture….And i would like to point very small spelling mistake in the description "In the pan with leftover ghee roast the raw over low medium flame for 3 minutes" where instead of "rawa", "raw" is there..Since first time when i read i got confused so i would like to share the one for others….. Thanks mullai for this awesome recipe…Continue Ur good work

  • ashu

    hi mullai,
    i tried this recipe with exact measure given by u but kesari tastes much sweeter coz of pineapple addition but i added little pineapple essence but kesari was too good thisz my first comment but i’m member since last year n hv tried lot frm ur,keep going

  • S.Priya

    Mouthwatering Mullai..breakfast timela SIO vantha ippadiya tempt pannurathu..

  • kaviarun

    My breakfast is ready with kesari(without pineapple)…….perfect measurement…. kesari is sliding into my MOUTHhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa………..SO YUMMmmmmmmYyyyyyyyy.


  • kaviarun

    Amazing Mullai…romba romba nandri…WOW!!! ghee-oda kesari-aa parthaaaaaaaaaaa…..jollu varuthu…thanks for sharing…naalaikke try panna poren.

  • diyaa

    hi mullai
    i like pineapple kesari and pineapple rasam also.thanks for reminding.

    really tempting.very nice.

  • jayasri


    u have mentioned semolina as 1/2 count
    that means ??,am having pinapple now ,gonig to prepare today

  • Mullai

    Kavi, ungalukkaga…

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