Peanut Butter Chocolate cookie

Written by SumithaDinesh


  1. preethika

    Hi Sumitha,
    The jam is used only for the filling rite? ive got all the ingredients at home except for jam and cocoa powder. wanna give it a try 🙂

    1. SumithaDinesh

      Ya u r rite preethika jam is used only as a filler here.U can omit this if u want.U can substitute All purpose flour instead of cocoa powder.All the best 🙂

      1. preethika

        Hi Sumitha,

        Success!!! i made the cookies and they turned out well 🙂 Thank you! that was my first attempt at cookies i am having one as i am typing 😉

  2. gayathri_dss

    Sumiii, nice recipe and photos, congrats on your first successful cookie and good luck for all forthcoming recipes… 🙂

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