Pattani Sundal

Written by ssujatha


  1. lekha shri

    I sm lekha, I tried this recipe today at home. It came out very well. My sister and parents like the taste very much. Thanks

  2. shan

    Sujatha, tried and cameout superb…Very very very…….tasty and tasted exactly as a roadside one…I added deep fried crispy poori’s and scrambled eggs as toppings. Thanx for sharing

    Have a great day

  3. Visitor

    hi sujatha,
    i tried your pattani sundal recipe it came out exactly like the one we buy in road side thallu vandi in took me right back to my school days when me and my brother used to buy them. i live in UK now and when ever i go back to chennai i say can i go and ask for the recipe from that man who sells it my mother stops me saying dont be silly. thanks to you i dont have to now. keep up the good work eveyone. you are all doing a great job



    Hi sujatha,
    U missed besan flour in ingredients, in the instruction u told to use besan flour.
    Good going,

  5. Manoo

    Hiiiiiiii Sujatha,
    Do u kno how to make turmeric sauce. I had chicken with turmeric sauce poured on it. It tasted great. I am looking for it. Pls post it if u kno it. Cant wait… It was that yummy…..

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